Famous Richest Rulers in The World


In a famous fiction series, a lady said, “Power is power”. Although I believe in everything spoken by pretty ladies, this line was especially worth wondering. I mean come on who doesn’t like power. This is the most beautiful and enchanting feeling ever. Power comes in all forms, and each is fascinating than others. Fairy tales always expressed that the king is the majesty ruler and ruled the country with an iron hand. The wealth of the king is uncountable and he is generous by heart. If we look a little bit closer the king is always worthy and rich. It seems power and fortune always walk hands in hands.

If you disagree then let us imagine that the king is one of the mighty famous richest rulers and powerful but unfortunately he is gone bankrupt. Sounds strange??? The conclusion is that power and wealth are lovebirds. If we come out from the typical fairy tales to the world of reality. Today, if you want to rule any country power and money, is not sufficient. One has to excel in the most controversial thing in the history of mankind. This is called Politics. Jakub Bozydar Wisniewski once described perfectly.

“ God is the first ruler in history, but Satan is the first politician”.

So let’s talk about some of the richest powerful and same time politicians of the world. Their bank accounts make you feel poorer than you really are. In this article, we are going to take a look into the lives of some famous richest rulers. They definitely come perfectly on the typical fairy tale. Most of them were hair apparent by the time of their birth. They ascended the throne from their fathers and ruled the magnificently. 

1. Maha Vajiralongkorn, Thailand

Maha Vajiralongkorn famous richest ruler

When we talked about the world’s famous richest rulers Vajiralongkon topped the list. From 2016 Vajiralongkom serving as the king of Thailand. Moreover, he was born on 28 July 1952 in Amphora Sathan Residential Hall, Dusit Palace, Bangkok, Thailand. The crown prince inherited the throne after the death of his father on 13 October 2016. The tenth monarch of the Chakri dynasty is the oldest to ascend the throne at the age of 64. King Rama X got his early education at the Chitralada School in Dusit Palace.

And then moved to the United Kingdom for further education. King holds two bachelor degrees in liberal arts and the Law. Had also attended the Royal Military College, Australia, and graduated as a new corporal. He served as a career officer in the Royal Thai Army. And he had played a vital role in the uplift of standards in the Royal Thai Army. A reigning title of Phrabat Somdet Phra Vajira Klao Chao Yu Hua has been given to him. King Rama X also holds the record of the world’s richest ruler. As per reports, King holds the net worth of $43 billion. The main source of his wealth is investments derived from the Bureau of the Crown Property.

2. Hassanal Bolkiah, Brunei

Hassanal Bolkiah famous rich ruler

Among world richest rulers Bolkiah stands second. Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah was born on 15 July 1946 in Bander Seri Begawan. Bolkiah is graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, United Kingdom. On 5 October 1967, He took the charge as Sultan of Brunei Darussalam after his father abjures as a  29th Sultan of his country. Bolkiah holds the state with full authority and has emergency powers to resolve assembly. Sultan is the 2nd longest-reigning monarch after Queen Elizabeth of course. Bolkiah holds the honor to address the general assembly of the United Nations.

Bolkiah celebrated his Golden Jubilee on 5 October 2017. Being Sultan he also holds the charge of the Prime minister and defense minister of Brunai. Bolkiah is famous in the Muslim world for his implementations of Islamic Sharia and rules. He has banned public celebrations of Christmas since 2015. However, he allowed Local Christians to celebrate their religious festivals. Sultan stands among the wealthiest rulers of the world. Bolkiah had a great passion for cars. With 2,500 cars once Sultan had one of the largest private car collections making it a world record. Forbes estimated his worth about $28 billion. And this fortune comes from the profits of the oil and gas industry. 

3. Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, KSA

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud richest ruler

If we include the worth of the whole Al Saud family, probably they are the richest monarch in the world. Moreover, Salman himself is one of the richest rulers in the world. Salman was born on 31 December 1935, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His father Ibn Saud was the first king of Saudi Arabia. However, Salman got his early education from the Princes’ School, Riadh. He served the city Riadh for almost 48 years as deputy governor and governor. Salman also served as Minister of Defence. Moreover, in 2012 Salman became the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. After the demise of his brother Nayef bin Abdulaziz in 2015 things changed.

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Salman becomes the king of Saudi Arabia and custodian of two holy mosques. King believes in political reforms and modern social changes but within the Islamic tradition. Salman had always played a vital rule in the matters of the royal family. Being a prominent figure of the royal council Salman assigned the duties of the kingdom to the eligible prince. A media group also owned by Salman, which includes pan-Arab daily Asharq Al-Awestand Al Eqtisadiah. King Salman holds the net value of $18 billion. Most of his profits coming from the oil industry. 

4. Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE

Sheikh Zayed one of the richest ruler

Al Nahyan was born on 7 September 1948 in Al Ain Trucial States. Moreover, it is now the United Arab Emirates. While his father Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was the Emir of Abu Dhabi. Khalifa graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Before serving as king he had played numerous duties for his country. During his father’s reign, Al Nahyan served as a mayor in the Eastern region of Abu Dhabi. Sheikh had also served as head of Abu Dhabi Department of Defence. He also remains the deputy commander of the UAE Armed Forces. Khalifa still holds the position of the chairman of the Supreme Petroleum Council.

On 2 November 2004, Sheikh proceeded with his father as Emir of Abu Dhabi. He also holds the position of president. Al Nahyan led the country with elegance and makes a steady success. Ever wonder why Originally called Burj Dubai was renamed, Burj Khalifa? Yes, guess it right it was renamed in the honor of him. After suffering from health issues, Al Nahyan holds a very low profile in state affairs but still retained presidential powers. This one of the famous richest rulers holds the net worth of $ 15.0 billion. Most of the profits come from investments from the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

5. Mohammed VI, Morroco

Mohammed VI, Morroco richest ruler

One of the famous richest rulers of Africa is Sidi Mohammad Bin Hassan al Alaoui. Moreover, he is also famous with the name Mohammad VI. He was born on 21 August 1963 in Rabat, Morocco. His father Hassan II was the king of Morocco so Mohammad becomes Heir Apparent and Crown Prince by the time of his birth. However, he started his education by attending Quranic school. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from Mohammad V University at Agdal. Sidi also scored his Ph.D. in law from the French University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. He got distinction as his thesis topic was sensitive and well described.

Mohammad served Morocco as the president of the Pan Arab Games and commissioned as a Colonel Major in the Royal Moroccan Army. He ascends the throne after the death of his father on 23 July 1999. As King, he had imposed many social reforms with modern laws. Some of his policies had faced a major backlash from the fundamentals. King believes women can play a vital rule in the development of the country. Aside from being king, He is the leading businessman and banker of Morroco. The estimated net worth of king is $8.2 billion which is able enough to stand him in the list of richest rulers.

6. Hans Adam II, Liechtenstein

6. Hans Adam II, Liechtenstein richest ruler

Johannes Adam Ferdinand Alois Josef Maria Marco d’Aviano Pius commonly known as Hans-Adam II is the current reigning Prince of Liechtenstein. He is one of the famous richest rulers in the world. Moreover, Adam was born on 14 February 1945 in Zurich, Switzerland. Hans graduated with his Licentiate degree in Business and Economic Studies. He got his degree from the University of St. Gallen in 1969. Also, Adam possesses a banking group called LGT. Prince started to share the responsibilities of his father by the year of 1969. His father Prince Franz Joseph inherit the throne from his grand-uncle Prince Franz-I. Further, Adam succeeded his father as Prince of Liechtenstein after his death on 13 November 1989.

The richest monarch of Europe holds the titles of Duke of Troppau and Jagerndrof and Count of Rietberg. His opponents started a campaign that demands the curtail to the political powers of the princely family. But he gains the 76% of votes in a referendum in his favor. Hence he still rules his country’s hearts. As per the rule of dynastic transition to a new generation; the prince has transferred some of the governmental powers to his eldest son Hereditary Prince Alois. The head of the state is still Hans Adam II.  As per reports, he holds the net worth of $7.2 billion. The major profit comes from the holdings in the Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation.

7. Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai

About 49 years ago Dubai was a desert monarchy. Also, it was away from the modern world. But now I bet every person in the world has heard about it. Moreover, everyone knows about Burj-al Arab, Palm-Island, and Burj Khalifa. As every nation has a founder so does Dubai. The person who made Dubai the sprawling city of today is Mohammad Al Maktoum. He is also one of the famous richest rulers. The man who has opened the up vistas in Dubai to the world for exploration. Dubai is now the central hub of the world. Mohammad was born on 15 July in Al Shindagh, Dubai. The state has been ruled by the Al Maktoum family since 1833. Mohammad completed his early education from Dubai. Then he attended Bell Educational Trust, Mons Officer Cadet School Aldershot.

Moreover, Mohammad started his political career as the head of the Dubai Police Force. He ascended the throne of Ruler of Dubai on 4 January 2006. The Emir of the United Arab Emirates believes the importance of human touch. Throughout his career, he has shown a zero-tolerance towards corruption. As per his own, he holds the net worth of $4 billion. His profits come from the share of Dubai Holding; also from Investments in the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. Minding the importance of education; he has donated over $1 billion to humanitarian and education causes.

8. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg one of the richest rulers in the world

Henri Albert Gabriel Felix Marie Guillaume is commonly known as Henri is the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. He had completed his initial education in Luxembourg and in France. Moreover, he took his degree in political science from the University of Geneva. Henri is a trained military officer from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. When his father took the throne on the abdication of his paternal grandmother on 12 November 1964; Henri becomes heir apparent. During his father’s reign, he served the state as a member of the Council of State. Henri ascended the throne as Grand Duke of Luxembourg on the abdication of his father on 7 October 2000.

The state of Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy. Therefore, its head duties are primarily. Henri holds the power to appoint the prime minister and government. Also, to promulgate laws and to accredit ambassadors. Moreover, he can dissolve the Chamber of Deputies and is the commander-in-chief of the Luxembourg Army. The main duty of Grand Duke is to establish the best foreign relations with other countries. Henri represents his state on many forums. He has represented at the International Olympic Committee and The Mentor Foundation. Duke has an honorary majorship in the British RAF Regiment. Grand Duke holds the net worth of $4 billion.

9. Juan Carlos I, Spain

Juan Carlos I, Spain one of the richest rulers

Juan Carlos Alfonso Victor Marie de Borbon y Borbon is the former king of Spain. Moreover, he was born on 5 January 1938 in Rome, Italy. Carlos belongs to the Royal family of Spain and is one of the richest rulers in the world. However, his family was in exile during his birth. He started his studies in San Sebastian. King studied Law, International Political Economy, and Public Finance at the University of Madrid. After studies, Carlos joins the army and got training at the Military Academy of Zaragoza. Initially, Carlos was not the first choice as the heir apparent. But throughout his political carrier, Carlos supported the king of Spain Generalisimo Francisco Franco so much and always stands with his policies.

Although the democratic always criticized Franc as a dictator. But Carlos supported his policies publicly. He fought to stop the coup that plan’s to end Frano’s government. That result in him as Franco’s heir apparent in 1969. Carlos ascends the throne after the death of Franco on 22 November. On his first address to the Cortes Carlos emphasizes three factors: historical tradition, national laws, and the will of people. Carlos stands among the famous richest rulers with a net worth of $2.3 billion. The Main shore of his income is oil enterprise and real estate.

10. Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Qatar

One of the richest rulers in the world

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani Emir of Qatar was born on 3 June 1980 in Doha, Qatar. Tamim had attended Great Britain’s Sherborne School Dorset and does his A-Levels from the Harrow School in 1997. He graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1998. Tamim started his services as a second lieutenant in the Qatar Armed Forces. On 5th August 2003, Tamim become the heir apparent of the throne and was appointed deputy commander-in-chief of Qatar’s armed forces. Sheikh has ascended his father as emir of Qatar. promoting the sport in Qatar was always the passion of emir.

He wants to make his country sports hub which results in a healthy lifestyle. And surely this decision has raise Qatar’s international profile. Emir had founded the Oryx Qatar Sports and led the organizing committee of the 15th Asian Games in Doha. In 2006 Egypt’s Al Aham voted him “the best sports personality in the Arab world” and also received the “OCA Award of merit”. Under his supervision, Qatar is ready to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Sheikh Tamim holds the net worth of $ 2.1 billion and this fortune comes from various enterprises. Emir also holds the record of the youngest reigning monarch of the GCC countries.

11. Albert II, Monaco

Albert II, Monaco one of the richest rulers

Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi Prince of Monaco is the famous richest ruler of the world. He holds the net worth of $1.0 billion. This amount comes from various enterprises including Societe des Bains de Mer de Monaco and casinos. Albert is the reigning Prince of Monaco and the leader of the princely house of Grimaldi. Albert was born on 14 March 1958 in Prince’s Palace of Monaco, Monaco. Prince graduated from the Lycee Albert Premier in 1976 with distinction and is fluent in English, Italian, French, and German. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political science.

Prince succeeded his father as Albert II on 6 April 2005. The prince is a sports person by nature and loved to play handball, skiing, javelin throwing, judo, swimming, tennis, sailing, squash, and fencing. Albert has been a permanent member of the International Olympic Committee since 1985. Some of the late family members were the Olympic medalist.  In 1982 His mother’s death due to the injuries sustained in a car accident was the most traumatic event of his life. Prince continues the legacy of his ancestors on Strengthening environmental awareness. Albert holds the record of being the first state head to have reached the North Pole.

12. Elizabeth II, UK

Elizabeth II one of the richest rulers

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Winsor born on 21 April 1926 Mayfair London. Moreover, she is the queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms. Queen is the daughter of George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. She got educated privately at home. In 1936 George VI ascended the throne on the abdication of his brother King Edward VIII. Therefore, she becomes the heir presumptive. During the second world war, she started to undertake public duties. Also, Queen served in Auxiliary Territorial Service.

In 1947, she tied the knot with Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, a former prince of Denmark and Greece. Moreover, they have four children, Charles, Prince of Wales; Anne, Princess Royal; Prince Andrew, Duke of York; and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. However, Prince of Wales Charles is Queen’s heir apparent. She has reigned for 68 years as of February 2020. Also, she is the oldest and longest-serving current head of state. So this reign is not the bed of roses but she faces every difficulty with great courage. And of course, she is one of the famous richest rulers in the world. As per reports of 2016, Queen holds an estimated net worth of $530 million. This wealth comes from the sources of property, jewelry, and many other assets.

13. Queen Beatrix, Netherlands

Queen Beatrix, Netherlands richest ruler

Beatrix Wilhemina Armgard Queen of the Netherlands was born on 31 January 1938 in Soestdijk Palace, Baarn, Netherlands. She is one of the famous richest rulers in the world. Queen was enrolled in a public school in Canada but her education was disturbed by World War II. When War comes to the Netherlands royal family moved to London. The Family returned to the country when German troops surrendered in the Netherlands on 2 August 1945. After the war, she got her primary and secondary education from the Netherlands. She graduated from her law degree from Leiden University. Being hair apparent to her mother she ascended her on the death of her on 30 April 1980.

When Queen chooses German aristocrat Clause von Amsberg as her life partner this becomes the national issue. As Prince Clause has served the Nazi army of Hitler. The couple faced a severe protest on their wedding day on 10 March 1966. Anyhow he ruled the country with elegance, old traditions and always welcome new reforms. Her reigned continued till 2013 on her abdication. But she still holds the record of world richest rulers as per reports her net worth value is $200 million. Queen’s fortune comes from the real estate investments and a stake in Shell Oil.


Political power is itself a dream thing. Bit it couples with the wealth it is ice on the cake. There are many rulers who are ruling their countries for ages and also are among the most famous richest rulers in the world. The above paragraph may have made you well aware of such rulers