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Yulia Raskina : biography

April 9, 1982 –

Yulia Raskina () (born April 9, 1982 in Minsk, Belarus) is a former individual rhythmic gymnast. she is the 2000 Olympics silver medalist, the 1999 World All-around silver medalist, the two time (2000,1999) European All-around silver medalist and 1999 Grand Prix Final All-around champion.


Raskina broke into the International RG scene at the 1997 World Championships in Berlin and was a three-time national champion. She became the 1999 World Championships all-around silver medalist and was a two-time European all-around silver medalist in 1999 and 2000. Raskina won the gold medal in ball at 2000 European in Zaragosa. She marked her career high by winning the silver in all-around at the 2000 Summer Olympics held in Sydney, Australia ahead of then Olympic gold favorite Alina Kabayeva who took the bronze medal. Raskina made unsuccessful comeback until 2003 and finally completed her career.

In 2005 and 2006, Raskina took part in Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo alongside former Ukrainian rhythmic gymnast Tamara Yerofeeva. She won Belarusian TV project "Star Dances" with professional dancer Denis Moryasin and was selected to represent Belarus at the Eurovision Dance Contest.

Detailed Olympic results

Year Competition description Location Music Apparatus Score-Final Score-Qualifying
2000 Olympics Sydney All-around 39.548 39.624
Underground/ Storm / A New Life music from The Truman Show Ribbon 9.916 9.908
Spain (Malagueña) by Anatoly Vekshin Ball 9.933 9.908
Manhattan by Anatoly Vekshin Hoop 9.791 9.908
Smuglyanochka by Anatoly Vekshin Rope 9.908 9.900

Personal life

Raskina is Jewish. She was born into a sporting family. Her mother was the master of sports of the international class of the USSR in artistic gymnastics. Her father was also a master of sports, a trainer in track and field athletics.