Vasil Zlatarski

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Vasil Zlatarski : biography

14 November 1866 – 15 December 1935

Vasil Nikolov Zlatarski () was a Bulgarian historian-medievalist, archaeologist, and epigraphist.


Zlatarski is a historical objectivist, close to the positivist school. He contributed significantly to the development of Bulgarian historical science by becoming the first professor of history at the Sofia University who conducted original research and by creating the field of Bulgarian medieval history proper. Between his first appointment at the university in 1893 and his death in 1935 he worked on his monumental History of the Bulgarian State in the Middle ages – a comprehensive study of the political history of the medieval Bulgarian state with long discussions of cultural and religious problems and meticulous analysis of broad source evidence. Zlatarski popularised historical research in the country and established contacts with major Russian and Western medievalists and Byzantinists like A. A. Vasiliev or Henri Grégoire. He was the chairman of the Fourth International Congress of Byzantine Studies in Sofia, 1934.