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Subsequently Mann sent a . (alternate )

As a result of this incident, rather than bringing legal action against McDonald’s, Mann teamed up with the IEEE (world’s largest technical society), the ACLU, and some industry leaders such as the Pete Wassell, CEO of Augmate Corporation, to propose the (alternate ), as well an . The goal of this work is to create a legal, policy, and social climate to counteract the actions of companies like McDonald’s, that are likely to have a chilling effect on the research and use of Augmediated Reality technologies in everyday life. In this context, Mann also formalized the concept of as placing people under surveillance while simultaneously forbidding them from using their own cameras. More precisely, McVeillance was defined as the ratio (linearly) or difference (logarithmically) of surveillance to sousveillance. (alternate ) McVeillance is one of the topics of the .

Additional news items associated with the 2012 July 1st French "McDoGate" incident

Additional news items soon appeared thereafter, e.g. "Broken glass: Father of wearable computing allegedly assaulted", and "What may be the world’s first cybernetic hate crime…", etc. Due to the employees alleged rough handling of the device, which he claimed was soundly attached to his head, the temporary storage buffer in the computer system could no longer be overwritten by new images, the damage to the system thus causing photos of these persons to remain stored in the glass memory. These were published, with faces concealed, on . He also claims that his iPhone and the control board for the EyeTap were damaged after he was thrown out and his bladder released involuntarily, soaking the contents of his pockets. Currently, McDonald’s has stated that their investigation of this issue has concluded, according to their response to Mann, and McDonald’s Head of Customer Service has failed to respond to an open letter from Mann, dated 2012 August 17. McDonald’s defense has been limited only to witness statements from their employees, and they have refused to answer a request that they examine their surveillance videos. A shorter letter in French, also remains unanswered. Their official statement remains somewhat out-of-date as per these more recent open letter correspondences.