Ronald Wilson Reagan


Ronald Wilson Reagan : biography

06 February 1911 – 05 June 2004

After Reagan left the White House, he became influential in the Republican Party. Since 1989 the candidates for the president post from the Republican Party referred to his statements. Republican candidates on the elections of 2008 wasn’t an exception, they compared themselves with Reagan and even copied strategies of his campaigns. A candidate from the Republican Party John McCane often claimed, that he went to elections as “a soldier of Reagan’s revolution”. Finally, the famous Reagan’s statement “the government is not a decision to our problems, government is a problem” became an unofficial slogan, which is pronounced by сщтыукмешму commentators.

Cultural and political appearance

Reagan changed the institution of presidency in USA in the way, that only few could do. He redefined political order of the day, appealing to decrease of taxes, conservative economical philosophy and strengthen of the military sphere. His role in the Cold War improved his role as a leader in different spheres. Reagan’s style of “the good uncle”, optimism and the way of behaviour of the common people helped him to “make a flogging of the government in artistic form”.

When Reagan was the president, he didn’t reach the highest rating of approval, but his popularity began to grow since 1989. According to the results of the public opinion poll of 2001 and 2007 Reagan took 1-2 places in the list of the greatest presidents in history, according to the survey of 2007, organized by the company Rasmussen Reports, Reagan became the third greatest president among postwar presidents, the fifth according to the results of ABC, the ninth according to the results of another survey of Rasmussen Reports and the ninth according to the results of the survey of 2009, organized by the British newspaper “The Times”. In the survey of 200 historians Siena College Reagan took the 16th place in a row of 42 personalities.

In 2011 the Institute of America’s investigations published the first British academic survey of presidents’ rating. According to the results of the inquiry of British specialists on the American history Reagan took the eighth place in the list of the greatest American presidents.

Owing to his ability to come to terms with the American nation Reagan got a laudatory nickname “The great communicator”. Reagan said as regards this: “I got the nickname “The great communicator”. But I never realized, that it was my style – it was contents. A wasn’t the great communicator, but I promised great things”. Reagan’s age and quiet speeches made him an image of a kind grandfather.

Reagan also got a nickname “The Teflon president”, because in spite of all scandals in his administration his image never tarnished in public’s perception. Reagan had an ability “to do nothing wrong and not to be accused for it”.

Society’s reaction to Reagan was always mixed, the oldest president was always supported by young electors, who made a union, owing to which many of them joined the Republican Party. Reagan didn’t manage to gain such support from different minorities, especially African Americans, mainly because of his disagreement with the politics of positive actions. But with the help of Israel’s support during his presidency he was supported by many Jewish and he became the first republican, who had “Jewish voice”. During his pre-election campaigns Reagan often appealed to family values, though he was the first divorced president.