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Rikky von Opel : biography

October 14, 1947 –

Frederick "Rikky" von Opel (born October 14, 1947 in New York) is a former racing driver from Liechtenstein, the only driver from that nation to have competed in the Formula One World Championship. He won the Lombard North British Formula Three Championship in 1972. He participated in 14 Formula One World Championship Grands Prix for the Ensign and Brabham teams, debuting on July 1, 1973. He scored no championship points.

He is the son of Fritz von Opel and a great-grandson of Adam Opel, the founder of the German car-maker Opel, today a subsidiary of General Motors.

Complete Formula One World Championship results


Year Entrant Chassis Engine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 WDC Points
1973 Team Ensign Ensign N173 Cosworth V8 ARG BRA RSA ESP BEL MON SWE FRA15 GBR13 NEDDNS GER AUTRet ITARet CANNC USARet NC 0
1974 Team Ensign Ensign N174 Cosworth V8 ARGDNS BRA RSA NC 0
Motor Racing Developments Brabham BT44 ESPRet BELRet MONDNQ SWE9 NED9 FRADNQ GBR GER AUT ITA CAN USA