Pierre Adet

Pierre Adet bigraphy, stories - Scientist, politician, diplomat

Pierre Adet : biography

May 17, 1767 – March 19, 1848

Pierre-Auguste Adet

He worked with Lavoisier on a new chemical notation system, and was secretary to the scientific periodical Annales de chimie, founded in 1789. He proved that glacial acetic acid and vinegar acetic acid were the same substance.http://www.acetic-acid.net/index.php?mib=submenus&submid=2009011621395718&lang=EN

He was secretary to the Minister of the Navy and the Colonies, Jean Dalbarade. He was commissioner to Saint-Domingue. He later became French ambassador to the United States, He sent Georges-Henri-Victor Collot on a reconnaissance of the Ohio River, and Mississippi River.http://www.americanjourneys.org/aj-088a/summary/index.asp

In 1803, he was Prefect of the Nièvre département. In 1809, he was a member of the Corps législatif.