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Phil Whyman : biography

January 13, 1971 –

Phil Whyman (born January 13, 1971) is an English musician, artist and television star who first came to prominence on Living TV’s ghosthunting show Scream Team where he was one of the ‘contestants’ who travelled throughout the UK investigating strange phenomena while living on an AirStream bus (a large vintage American tour bus); the show has been compared to Big Brother with ghosts and, while viewing figures were promising, there was only ever one series. Scream Team was produced by Ben Devlin a London based producer with his MakingTime Productions. It was also shown on the now defunct British cable and satellite station ftn.

Shortly after the end of Scream Team, he was approached to join Living TV’s flagship show Most Haunted (working alongside Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie) in the role of paranormal investigator, and proved popular with fans in seasons 2 to 4 when he left the show to concentrate on other areas of the media.

He now runs his Dead Haunted Nights where he takes the public on overnight paranormal investigations of supposedly haunted properties throughout the United Kingdom. Dead Haunted Nights became a limited company in February 2008.

May 2007 saw the launch of his first book Phil Whyman’s Dead Haunted: Paranormal Encounters & Investigations. In this book he introduces the reader to the different forms of paranormal activity that can be encouraged at a haunted site and provides a guide to conducting a paranormal investigation. The book covers everything from experiments to his own reports from investigations.

He is currently working on two fiction books, has a regular column in Chat It’s Fate. In September 2010 Phil married fiancee Sara Woodward at a ceremony held at Comlongon Castle, Scotland.

Other interesting facts: From the East Midlands city of Nottingham, he is a keen musician, composing and performing synth-instrumental music. He was composer and keyboardist for the group Pesky. At the time of his breakthrough with Scream Team he was working as a laptop engineer.

Whyman launched Dead Haunted Nights – Corporate in 2007, aimed at businesses who are assured a team building experience with a difference.

Return to Most Haunted

On 14 October 2009 it was announced that Phil was to rejoin Most Haunted Live! for its eight night show from Morecambe, Lancashire being aired Halloween week October 2009.

In January 2010, he was again involved in Most Haunted Live, from RAF West Raynham airforce base in Norfolk. Primarily his role is opposite presenter Paul Ross as a studio-based expert. However, each night when the show ends (midnight) Phil takes two audience members to participate in a vigil. This is then aired the following day on the show.

In October 2011 Whyman rejoined the Most Haunted team of Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie, Cath Howe, Stuart Torevell and Capel’s demonologist Fred Batt to film a Most Haunted Christmas Special called Most Haunted Christmas Spirits, that is to be released on DVD only in December 2011.

Phil now hosts a monthly podcast along with his wife Sara Whyman and friend Arron Weedall, The Dead Haunted Podcast is free and can be found on iTunes.