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Nick Faldo : biography

18 July 1957 –

Faldo’s cause was not helped by the poor performances of the three most experienced players on the European side, Lee Westwood, Sergio García, and Pádraig Harrington, who failed to win a single match between them. Lee Westwood later criticised Faldo’s decision to tell him he wouldn’t be playing in the morning foursomes halfway through his afternoon fourballs match on Friday.

Faldo’s decision to only appoint one vice captain instead of the usual four or five was also met with doubts about his ability to know what was going on in all the matches being played simultaneously. Faldo was accused by the media of being a "loner" and a "control freak" thus also contributing to the teams failings. In an interview with the British Daily Mail newspaper in 2012, Faldo said of his Ryder Cup captaincy: "The bottom line is that it was a tough experience and very tough for me to deal with afterwards." The Daily Mail described Europe’s 2008 Ryder Cup defeat as "a calamitous loss".

Major championships

Wins (6)

Year Championship 54 holes Winning score Margin Runner(s)-up
1987 The Open Championship 1 shot deficit −5 (68-69-71-71=279) 1 stroke USA}} Paul Azinger, Rodger Davis
1989 Masters Tournament 5 shot deficit −5 (68-73-77-65=283) Playoff 1 USA}} Scott Hoch
1990 Masters Tournament (2) 3 shot deficit −10 (71-72-66-69=278) Playoff 2 USA}} Raymond Floyd
1990 The Open Championship (2) 5 shot lead −18 (67-65-67-71=270) 5 strokes ZIM}} Mark McNulty, Payne Stewart
1992 The Open Championship (3) 4 shot lead −12 (66-64-69-73=272) 1 stroke USA}} John Cook
1996 Masters Tournament (3) 6 shot deficit −12 (69-67-73-67=276) 5 strokes AUS}} Greg Norman

1 Defeated Scott Hoch in sudden death playoff – Faldo (5-3=8), Hoch (5-4=9) 2 Defeated Raymond Floyd in sudden death playoff – Faldo (4-4=8), Floyd (4-5=9)

Results timeline

Tournament 1976 1977 1978 1979
The Masters DNP DNP DNP 40
The Open Championship T28 T62 T7 T19
PGA Championship DNP DNP DNP DNP
Tournament 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989
The Masters DNP DNP DNP T20 T15 T25 DNP DNP T30 1
The Open Championship T12 T11 T4 T8 T6 T53 5 1 3 T11
PGA Championship DNP DNP T14 CUT T20 T54 CUT T28 T4 T9
Tournament 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
The Masters 1 T12 T13 T39 32 T24 1 CUT CUT CUT
U.S. Open T3 T16 T4 T72 CUT T45 T16 T48 CUT CUT
The Open Championship 1 T17 1 2 T8 T40 4 T51 T44 CUT
PGA Championship T19 T16 T2 3 T4 T31 T65 CUT T54 T41