Michaëlle Jean


Michaëlle Jean : biography

September 6, 1957 –

Honorific eponyms

  • : Michaëlle Jean and Jean-Daniel Lafond Endowment Fund for Social Communication Studies
  • : Michaëlle Jean Emergency Hunger Relief Award
Geographic locations
  • : Michaëlle Jean Park, Winnipeg
  • : École Élémentaire Michaëlle Jean, Binbrook
  • : Michaëlle Jean Public School, Barrhaven
  • : Michaëlle Jean Public School, Richmond Hill
  • : Michaëlle Jean tulip


Journalism, broadcasting, and film careers

Jean became a reporter, filmmaker, and broadcaster for Radio-Canada in 1988, hosting news and affairs programmes such as Actuel, Montréal ce soir, Virages, and Le Point; she was the first person of Caribbean descent to be seen on French television news in Canada. She then moved in 1995 to Réseau de l’information (RDI), Radio-Canada’s all-news channel, in order to anchor a number of programmes, Le Monde ce soir, l’Édition québécoise, Horizons francophones, Les Grands reportages, Le Journal RDI, and RDI à l’écoute, for example. Four years later, she was asked by CBC’s English language all-news channel, CBC Newsworld, to host The Passionate Eye and Rough Cuts, which both broadcast the best in Canadian and foreign documentary films. By 2004, Jean was hosting her own show, Michaëlle, while continuing to anchor RDI’s Grands reportages, as well as acting occasionally as anchor of Le Téléjournal.

Over the same period, Jean made several films with her husband, including the award winning Haïti dans tous nos rêves ("Haiti in All Our Dreams"), in which she meets her uncle, the poet and essayist René Depestre, who fled from the Duvalier dictatorship into exile in France and wrote about his dreams for Haiti, and tells him Haiti awaits his return. She similarly produced and hosted news and documentary programming for television on both the English and French services of the CBC.