Mark Jackson (musician)

Mark Jackson (musician) bigraphy, stories - British drummer

Mark Jackson (musician) : biography

May 10, 1970 –

Mark Jackson is a member of futurepop duo VNV Nation, along with Ronan Harris. He is responsible for electronic drums, percussion and live keyboards. He is also established as a professional Club DJ and remix artist.

In addition to his work with VNV Nation, Mark continues to take part in artistic collaborations with other musicians and producers in the electronic music scenes. Notably including vocal work with Reaper, Oliver Huntemann and The Parallel Project as well as live work and guest appearances with acts including Rotersand, Combichrist, Straftanz and Apoptygma Berzerk.

Mark originates from Essex, England and worked as a Software developer, internet programmer and web designer for CompuServe, MSN and Microsoft. He played drums and keyboards for Manzero (1992-1993) and was vocalist for Faith Regime (1994) before becoming a full-time musician with VNV Nation in 1996. He now lives in the South of France in the Basque Country region.

A hobby of his is raising tarantulas.