Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe : biography

01 June 1926 – 05 August 1962

In 1959 Marilyn worked with Billy Wilder again, in a famous comedy “Some Like It Hot”. The shootings were difficult for the actress. She had a miscarriage and it badly influenced on her psychic. Moreover, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon didn’t hide their hostility to the actress, and Marilyn was always capricious, demanding to remake takes for almost thirty times. But this film turned out to be a shock not only for America, but for the whole world. Three million dollars, spent on its budget, looked practically nothing in comparison with the film’s income – one and half a billion. The film appeared in Soviet distribution with huge cuts and under the name “Only Girls in Jazz”.

In spite of Marilyn Monroe’s complaints, she was offered only one type roles of empty-headed pretty coquettes. Nevertheless, when she got a suggestion to play in a serious dramatic film “Bus Stop” of Joshua Logan in 1956, Marilyn was so captious to her partners that aroused a burst of indignation of the director. And during the shootings of a film “Let’s make Love” of George Cukor in 1960 it turned out that neither of the famous actors (Gregory Peck, Rock Hudson, Cary Grant) wanted to play with her. Marilyn panicked. Yves Montand saved her. Grateful Marilyn fell in love with him and assured herself that Yves’ marriage with stout and unattractive Simone Signoret was only a burden for him and was necessary only for a career. And when Yves Montand only thanked her for pleasant time before his departure to Paris, it was a real strike for the actress.

The appearance of the film “The Misfits” in 1961 was a scandal. Clerk Gable played with Marilyn, and this work was so difficult and exhausting for him, that he died after shootings. After Gable’s death his wife blamed Arthur Miller. Marilyn’s intense relationship with husband ended with divorce at the beginning of 1961, and in February she go in a psychiatric department of the New York hospital. Her depression was nourished with a fixed idea that she repeated her mother’s way. Marilyn hated shootings and all films she played in and refused of the best suggestions.

On the 4th of August in 1962, at Sunday night Marilyn drank hypnotic in order to never wake up. Only on the 5th of August her cold body was found. Her former husband Joe DiMaggio took duties of funeral manager. She prevented many stars from coming to her coffin and explained it with the fact that they were responsible for the actress’ death. Lee Stratsberg made a servise for the dead, who tried to tear Marilyn of cinema and Hollywood and thought she would be very successful in theatre.

It is interesting that the actress’ fortune, valued in one million and six hundred thousand dollars, was divided between Lee Stratsberg and Marilyn’s psychoanalyst according to her will. Stratsberg had three quarters of all money. Marilyn left a monthly rent of five thousand dollars to her mother.

Many people tried to unravel the secret of life and death of Marilyn Monroe. They made a lot of feature and documental films about her and wrote a lot of books her name was connected with Kennedy brothers and other great people, they supposed that she was killed by FBI agents. The actress’ life was covered with fantasies and myths. In 1999 Marilyn Monroe was announced a sexual star of twentieth century by “Playboy”.

She stayed thirty six years old forever, she was an American sex symbol and one of the most tragic figures in the world cinema.