Marian Zyndram-Kościałkowski

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Marian Zyndram-Kościałkowski : biography

16 March 1892 – 12 April 1946

Marian Zyndram-Kościałkowski ( 16 March 1892 near Kowno – 12 April 1946 near Woking) was a Polish politician and military officer who served as voivode of Białystok Voivodeship in 1930-1934, President of Warsaw in 1934 and Prime Minister of Poland from 1935 to 1936.


From 10 July 1930 to the end of February 1934 he was the governor of Bialystok. At that time, streamline administration, increase supervision of officials, put on the development of sewers and streets in Bialystok. He also founded the Regional Committee for Unemployment, as well as had their share in the creation of the Agricultural Chamber of Białystok and ensuring the participation of entrepreneurs in the second Bialystok Fair Vilnius. He was also one of the founders of Jagiellonia Bialystok Sports Club (of which he was honorary president of the club).

In November 1930, once again became a member of Parliament (he was 17th on the list of state BBWR).

In 1932, he remained at the disposal of the Head of the Department and the Ministry of Defense Corps.

Honors and awards

  • Silver Cross of the Virtuti Militari
  • Cross of Valour – four times
  • Merit Forces Central Lithuania
  • Order of the Cross of the Eagle, Class I (Estonia, 1935)

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