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02 September 1965 –

Interviewed about the fight by HBO, doctor Paul Wallace explained his decision:

"When he raised his head up, his upper eyelid covered his field of vision. At that point I had no other option but to stop the fight. If he had to move his head to see me, there was no way he could defend his way against a punch."

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Because Klitschko had fought so bravely against Lewis, boxing fans soon began calling for a rematch. The WBC agreed, and kept the Ukrainian as its No. 1 contender. Lewis initially was in favour of a rematch:

"I want the rematch, I enjoyed that fight. It was just a fight. We went at it. You have to play dollars and cents but I’m opting more for the rematch."Rafael, Dan. (2003-07-03) . Usatoday.com. Retrieved on 2011-11-25.

Negotiations for the rematch followed but Lewis changed his mind Instead, Klitschko fought and defeated Kirk Johnson on December 6 in WBC Eliminator, setting up a mandatory rematch with Lewis. Lewis announced his retirement shortly thereafter and vacated the title. Lewis stated when he had decided not to fight: "So, when it came time for me to see if I should fight Klitschko again, I thought – at my worst, at my worst! I beat Klitschko and look what I did to his face! I was at my worst – just think [what would’ve happened] if I’d trained just a little bit harder. I didn’t need to fight him again." Slater James, eastsideboxing.com, retrieved December 24, 2010.

On June 21, 2013, the tenth anniversary of the Klitschko fight, Lewis tweeted the following:

"Ppl complain the Vitali was ahead on the cards… Ha! But I wasnt in there trying to win on points!"

Hanging up the gloves

Lewis announced his retirement in February 2004 and decided to pursue other interests, including sports management and music promotion. Lewis said he would not return to the ring. At his retirement, Lewis’s record was 41 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw, with 32 wins by knockout. Though it was rumoured in an article published by the Daily Mail on the February 24 that he would return to fight Klitschko once again, Lewis quickly shot down those rumours on his personal website. In 2008 Lewis commented on a possible match up with Riddick Bowe. "He waits until I am in retirement to call out my name," said Lewis. "I will come out of retirement to beat up that guy. I’ll beat him up for free."In 2011, in response to a demand on Twitter from Bowe that he "put your gold medal on and let’s fight for that!!", Lewis replied "I thought we already did."

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Along with Gene Tunney and Rocky Marciano, Lewis is one of three world heavyweight champions to have retired with no unavenged defeats.

In 2008, Lewis was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. In 2009, in his first year of eligibility, Lewis was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Lewis worked as a boxing analyst for HBO on Boxing After Dark from 2006 until 2010.

Styles from birth

  • Lennox Lewis, CM (1988–1999)
  • Lennox Lewis, CM, MBE (1999–2002)
  • Lennox Lewis, CM, CBE (2002–present)