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Kong Hee : biography

23 August 1964 –

Kong Hee ( born August 23, 1964) is the founder, honorary and volunteer senior pastor of City Harvest Church in Singapore. He is married to Sun Ho, an aspiring pop music singer.

Kong is a Christian in the Charismatic Movement, with a philosophy of ministry that emphasizes the Great Commandment, Great Commission, and Cultural Mandate. City Harvest Church has an average of 23,256 attendees as of December 2010. It also has 47 affiliate "Harvest" churches. There are 29 affiliate churches and 6 Bible schools in Asia, namely, in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. Another 18 affiliate churches in the East and West Malaysia are under the Malaysian Harvest Fellowship which Kong Hee has co-founded. Kong has also co-founded an education center, a performing arts school, a publishing house, a missions agency, a ministerial fellowship and a magazine. Kong is a "motivational speaker" and was the director of a fashion apparel business, Skin Couture, which he ran with his wife.http://www.straitstimes.com/PrimeNews/Story/STIStory_533683.htmlhttp://www.skincouture.com.sg/home.htm

On 26 June 2012, Kong Hee and 4 other senior members of the City Harvest Church were arrested by Singaporean police in connection with misuse of charity funds.http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/Singapore/Story/STIStory_815169.html

Positions held

  • President and pastor of City Harvest Church (Singapore): 1992–Present
  • Executive Director, Festival of Praise (Singapore): 1997-2001, 2005–Present
  • President, Word of Life (Singapore): 1997–Present
  • Board of References, Transform World (Indonesia): 2005–Present
  • Committee Member, National Council of Churches (Singapore): 1999-2004
  • Board of Advisors, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (Singapore): 1996-2000


  • City Harvest Church (1989)
  • (formerly known as City Harvest Bible Training Center) (1994)
  • Harvest Times (quarterly magazine) (1999)


  • Harvest School of Ministry (2001)
  • Malaysian Harvest Christian Fellowship (2003)

Educational Qualifications and Awards

  • Raffles Institution (1977–1980)
  • Raffles Junior College (1981–1982)
  • National University of Singapore, Bachelor of Science (Computer & Information Sciences) (1985–1988)
  • Hansei University, Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration (2008)

Title ordination

  • Bethany Christian Centre (Singapore): January 6, 1991


Fund probe

On 31 May 2010, the Office of the Commissioner of Charities and the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police began investigating more than 18 individuals linked to the City Harvest Church, including church founder Pastor Kong Hee and his wife, Sun Ho, after receiving complaints alleging the misuse of church funds.http://news.xin.msn.com/en/singapore/article.aspx?cp-documentid=4121597http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1063720/1/.html The police were looking into financial transactions involving the possible falsification of accounts and criminal breach of trust amounting to millions of dollars which dated back a number of years. The authorities said that regular church activities and services for the congregation need not be disrupted during ongoing investigations, which is expected to take several months.http://www.todayonline.com/Singapore/EDC100601-0000111/City-Harvest-probehttp://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1060093/1/.htmlhttp://news.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/Singapore/Story/A1Story20100531-219380.html


In June 2012, Kong Hee and four other members of the church were arrested by the CAD. All five face multiple charges of criminal breach of trust, while three (not including Kong Hee) face multiple charges of falsifying accounts of the church. They were released on $500,000 bail each, and set to return to court on July 25. Each of the three counts of criminal breach of trust he faces has a maximum sentence of life imprisonment plus fine.