Kim Basinger (Kimila Ann Basinger)


Kim Basinger (Kimila Ann Basinger) : biography

08 December 1953 –

But the true fame came to the actress after a film “Nine ½ Weeks”, which appeared in 1986. The developers of this sensational film got a hundred million dollars of income, and the film got laurels of “unsuppressed erotica”. Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke managed to show a real sex without a hint to pornography – not with bodies and undisguised scenes, but with brilliant actors’ playing. Kim considered this “sexual” popularity very calmly. In interviews the actress said that it was a big honour for her to wake up not very vulgar feelings in men. She also claimed that she didn’t have any secrets of her beauty – according to her words, only God knows, why she was so beautiful.

Of course, shootings in “Nine ½ Weeks” brought Kim not only a title “The Golden Lady of Erotica”, but very serious money – theoretically she could give up playing in films. But the actress didте have thoughts about breaking her career. Producers and directors have good reasons to appreciate Kim Basinger’s patience and diligence. Soon she brilliantly played with Richard Gere in a thriller “No Mercy”, played in a comedy “Nadine” and with Bruce Willis in a film “Blind Date”. At that time her scandalous divorce with the husband began, and Kim suffered not only mentally, but financially – the trial obliged her to pay alimony to Ron – nine thousand dollars every month. After the divorce the actress swore not to believe men any more and for some time honestly kept this vow. At least, her relationships with Prince, a famous singer, didn’t end up with a wedding.

Kim met Prince during the shootings in “Batman” (a director Tim Burton”), in which she played a reporter Vicki Vale. She got an invitation to play in “Batman” by accident – Sean Young, confirmed to Vicki’s role, got in a hospital. But this replacement turned out to be successful. In this film, which appeared in 1989, Kim brilliantly coped with an ordinary image of a blond woman, who struggled with evil. And that time she used delicate irony and excellent sense of humour to play in “a scaring fairy tale”. But famous sex appeal reflected not in the film, but in an affair with “a disco king”. The affair wasn’t a secret – the couple was seen in European hotels and in Prince’ studio. But this relationship didn’t last for long. According to the actress’ words, they had had a nice time with Prince and listened to much music. Kim’s relationships with a big businessman John Peterson also didn’t lead to something serious. But the next Basinger’s affair turned out to be long and serious.

Alec Baldwin claimed that meeting with Kim made him to forget that other women existed in the world. She saw her on “Batman” shootings and literally went mad. There were calls, heart-rending letters, expensive presents – but Kim, slightly frightened with such pressure, persistently avoided communication with him. The destiny – or maybe, Baldwin’s insistence – brought them together in 1990 on the shooting area of the film “The Marrying Man”. The electric charge, coming from fell in love Alec, stroke Kim at last. This affair was stormy, like Baldwin’s passion – enarmoured, absolutely adult people behaved themselves like teenagers. They left on weekends without notifying anybody, loudly quarreled during the work, were always late. Hollywood cheerfully discussed these mad passions – only the shooting group wasn’t glad, because everybody was too tired from Kim and Alec. The result was sad for the film – it failed in distribution, and a director had a heart attack. But Baldwin was happy – he tamed Kim, whom he called his wild cat.

At the same time the actress got a contract to play a role in an erotic film “Boxing Helena”. The circumstances were such that Kim had time to read the script only after the agreement to play. When she looked through her new role, she claimed that she refused to play in such a nightmare, and the producers, naturally, brought an action against her. A penalty was practically nine million dollars – it seemed to be not a very big amount of money for a prosperous actress. But on that moment Kim didn’t have money at all, because she bought Braselton, a town in her native Georgia, with friends. After a notification of the penalty she became a bankrupt, and Kim in despair even agreed to make a commercial of tights. She forgot about keeping vows. And when she listened to the next proposal from Alec Baldwin she answered “Yes”.