Kazarian (wrestler)


Kazarian (wrestler) : biography

August 4, 1977 –

Following Kaz and Young’s loss to LAX in a Deuces Wild Tournament qualifying match, Kaz competed in and won the Terror Dome Match at Sacrifice, becoming number one contender to the X Division Championship, and also taking Kurt Angle’s place in the triple threat match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The match was won by Samoa Joe, who retained the title. On the June 5 episode of Impact! Kaz won a future title match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the first ever X Division King of the Mountain Match. He then failed to win the X Division championship at Slammiversary, losing to the X Division Champion Petey Williams. He then challenged Joe the following Thursday on Impact! for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a losing effort. He lead Team TNA in the 2008 World X Cup and was in the final round at Victory Road, but lost after he pulled off a huge leg drop on Daivari off the top of the Ultimate X structure. On July 21, 2008 TNA’s official website announced that Kaz had been released, but it was revealed to be a storyline. He was later interviewed by Karen Angle to further the storyline, and claimed that after failing to beat Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and letting down his company in the finals of the World X Cup, he had fallen out of love with wrestling and, so, had made the decision to leave.

Suicide (2008–2010)

In late 2008 Kazarian made his return to TNA Wrestling as a masked wrestler named Suicide, who was featured in Midway’s TNA Impact! video game. He debuted at Final Resolution in December 2008 as a face, swinging to the ring on a cable, attacking the Motor City Machine Guns. At Destination X Suicide won the TNA X Division Championship, in his debut match, in the Ultimate X match. Because of an injury to Kazarian, Suicide was portrayed for several weeks by Christopher Daniels, who was in the costume when the character won the X Division Championship. Afterwards, Daniels began feuding with the Motor City Machineguns of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, who on the April 30 episode of Impact! accused him of being Suicide. On the May 7 episode of Impact!, Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed joined the accusations by also accusing Daniels of being Suicide. On the May 14 episode of Impact! the Motor City Machineguns and Lethal Consequences were trying to unmask Suicide in an attempt to prove that they were right about his true identity, but Daniels made the save and helped Suicide clear the ring of Shelley, Sabin, Lethal, and Creed. At Slammiversary, Suicide retained the TNA X Division Championship against Shelley, Sabin, Lethal, and Creed, in a King of the Mountain match. On the July 16 episode of Impact! Suicide lost his X Division title to Homicide after he cashed in his "Feast or Fired" briefcase.

After not being seen for a few weeks, Suicide made his return at Hard Justice to compete in the Steel Asylum match, which he lost because of D’Angelo Dinero. On the August 20 episode of Impact! Suicide attacked Dinero after his match with Consequences Creed sparking a feud between the two. On the September 17 episode of Impact! Dinero defeated Suicide in a grudge match. At No Surrender Dinero defeated Suicide again, this time in a Falls Count Anywhere match. The following week on Impact! Suicide finally defeated Dinero, by pinning him in a street fight. On the October 15 episode of Impact! Homicide stole Suicide’s costume and claimed to now know his true identity. On the December 3 episode Impact! Suicide made peace with Dinero and joined him, Matt Morgan and Hernandez in their war with Rhino, Team 3D and Jesse Neal. At Final Resolution Morgan, Hernandez, Dinero and Suicide defeated Neal, Team 3D and Rhino in an eight-man elimination tag team match. On the February 11, 2010, episode of Impact! Gerdelman made his final TV appearance as Suicide, losing to Matt Morgan in an 8 Card Stud Tournament qualifying match.

Return as Kazarian; Fortune (2010–2011)