Kazarian (wrestler)


Kazarian (wrestler) : biography

August 4, 1977 –

World Wrestling Entertainment (2005)

Kazarian and [[Shannon Moore after winning a match at a taping of Velocity.]] On February 25, 2005, Kazarian left TNA and signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling, the primary developmental territory of WWE. He made his WWE television debut during an episode of Velocity on July 16, 2005, under the name "The Future" Frankie Kazarian defeating Nunzio, and remained undefeated throughout July and into August. During this time, he picked up victories against Scotty 2 Hotty, Funaki, and Paul London. On August 15, Kazarian announced on his website that he had left WWE two days earlier. He later revealed that he had asked for his release after realizing that the company had no plans to revamp its cruiserweight division.

Return to the independent circuit (2005–2006)

Kazarian returned to the Californian independent circuit shortly after his release. He wrestled on the August 19 Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) show in Los Angeles, Smells Like Steen Spirit, where he teamed with Petey Williams to unsuccessfully challenge the 2 Skinny Black Guys (El Generico and Human Tornado) for the PWG Tag Team Championship.

During PWG’s (Please Don’t Call it) The O.C.on May 6, 2006, Kazarian’s signature ponytail was cut off by Scorpio Sky, who he was feuding with at the time. While in WWE the previous year, Kazarian had gotten in trouble with company management after refusing to cut his hair and this was one of the reasons he had asked for his release. This would begin a nine month rivalry during which Scorpio Sky would defeat Kazarian in a "First Blood" match. In September, Kazarian beat Scorpio Sky in the first round of the 2006 Battle of Los Angeles by disqualification, when Scorpio’s manager Jade Chung attacked Kazarian with scissors when he was pinning Scorpio. Kazarian was eliminated from the tournament in the second round due to being unable to compete after being assaulted by Sky’s stable, The Dynasty. The feud ended on January 13, 2007 when Kazarian beat Sky in a "Loser Leaves PWG" match, just as he did with Adam Pearce. Kazarian left PWG in May 2007, when TNA Wrestling pulled all of their talent from the company. On February 24, 2008, Kazarian made a one night return to PWG, when he took part in the tournament to crown the new PWG World Champion. He was, however, eliminated in the first round by Karl Anderson.

Return to TNA

Serotonin (2006–2007)

Kazarian returned to TNA on July 16, 2006 at Victory Road, in a Championship match loss to TNA X Division Champion Senshi. Afterwards he and his old tag team partner Michael Shane (now known as "Maverick" Matt Bentley due to name trademark issues) resumed in their tag team, before disappearing from television for weeks. Later resurfacing with a new goth look, the duo would be joined by Johnny Devine and all became subservient to Raven, forming the stable Serotonin. As part of Serotonin, his name was shortened to the simple and supposedly cryptic "Kaz". Kaz eventually became the first Serotonin member to become very rebellious towards Raven. Kaz turned on Raven on June 21, 2007 by attacking fellow members of Serotonin, Havok and Martyr, costing him a match against Chris Harris.

Kaz (2007–2008)

After his split with Serotonin, he began using his old ring attire and entrance video which both said the full "Kazarian" – though it was all later changed to only say the simple Kaz except for a few references on the TNA website. Shortly after this, he engaged in a brief feud with Robert Roode over his treatment of Ms. Brooks. Kaz would next be entered in the 2007 Fight for the Right Tournament, which he won by defeating Christian Cage at Genesis in the finals in a ladder match. On the Impact! following Genesis, Kurt Angle barely defeated Kaz to retain the TNA World Championship.

At the 2007 Turning Point pay-per-view, he was partnered with Booker T against Christian Cage and Robert Roode, with Kaz and Booker winning. He then began attacking Dustin Rhodes, and stealing things from Rhodes’ alter ego "Black Reign". He defeated Black Reign at Final Resolution. After defeating Black Reign, Kaz and Black Reign competed in a Four Corner Mouse Trap match were Kaz won but Black Reign ended up getting his things back from Kaz after hitting Kaz with his Darkness Falls weapon. On February 23, Kaz defeated Rellik. After the match, Black Reign and Rellik attacked Kaz. Eric Young ran out to help but got too scared to do anything. At Destination X, Kaz and Young defeated Black Reign and Rellik leading to Kaz and Young (now ‘Super Eric’) becoming a tag team. On April 13, at Lockdown 2008, they won the Cuffed in a Cage match. On the April 17 episode of TNA Impact!, following Lockdown, Kaz and Young defeated the holders of the TNA World Tag Team Championship, AJ Styles and Tomko and The Latin American Xchange (LAX) in a triple threat tag team match for the titles after Young’s alter ego, "Super Eric" pinned Styles with a bridging suplex. Later in the night, Styles complained to Jim Cornette that since Young was signed to the match, not Super Eric, and Young claimed that he and Super Eric are different people, Super Eric’s involvement was outside interference. When Eric refused to admit that he was Super Eric, Cornette vacated the titles.