John White (colonist and artist)


John White (colonist and artist) : biography

c. 1540 – c. 1593

Possible descendants

A Bridgett White was also the second wife of a Robert Wight (1578–1617) of Hareby, Lincolnshire, England whom he married on November 25, 1613 at Alford. As this Robert was also the son of an obscure John Wight (b. abt. 1552) and the father of an Elizabeth Wighte (1606–1671) who is sometimes thought to have been the ex-wife of Nathaniel Eaton (1610–1674), the first schoolmaster of Harvard College, Massachusetts; there is a possibility that Bridget White, the sister of John White the Governor of Roanoke Colony, and Bridgett White, the second wife of the same above-mentioned Robert Wight, are directly related to each other.

There is also a record of an Elizabeth Aguirre of Petersfield, Hampshire (died 1665), who was the second wife of Josias White (1573–1622) of Hornchurch, Essex, brother of John White the ‘Patriarch of Dorchester’,:s:White, John (1575-1648) (DNB00) and son of a John White of Stanton St John, Oxfordshire (1540 – before September 30, 1618), who afterwards married a Francis Drake (1573–1634) of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey – a first cousin once removed of Sir Francis Drake (1540–1596) the famous explorer.Sir Francis was the son of Edmund Drake and Mary Mylwaye [a probable relation to Sir Anthony Mildmay (1549–1617)] and grandson of John Drake and Margaret Cole. The above-mentioned nephew Francis Drake was the son of Richard Drake and Ursula Stafford, grandson of John Drake and Amy Grenville (1510–1577), and great-grandson of the same above-mentioned John Drake and Margaret Cole. Richard Grenville was the grand-nephew of Amy Grenville, the granddaughter of Richard Grenville, Amy’s older brother. Some think they were related and others don’t. This Josias White was the grandson of another John White (died 1580) possibly connected to Dr Thomas White (1514–1588), Warden of New College, Oxford. As the name Barlow is associated with the initial discovery and mapping of the Virginia coast by Capt Arthur Barlowe (1550–1620) in 1584, it is conceivable that Ann Barlow is directly connected to the first Governor of Roanoke, Virginia.