John Clements Wickham


John Clements Wickham : biography

1798 – 1864

Later life

Wickham became the police magistrate at the Moreton Bay District of New South Wales (now Queensland).L. E. Skinner, "Law and justice for the Queensland colony", (1972) Journal of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, Vol. 9 no. 3 pp 94-106.

From 1853 he was Government Resident of the Moreton Bay District and resided at Newstead House, Brisbane.

In 1859, Wickham moved to the south of France, where he lived until his death in 1864.A. A. Morrison, , Australian Dictionary of Biography, National Centre of Biography, Australian National University, accessed 8 September 2011.

The Wickham family

The origins of the Wickham family were Rowley, a Yorkshire village which later became depopulated.C.G. Drury Clarke, "Captain John Clements Wickham, R.N. his antecedents and descendants" (1984) Journal of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, Vol. 12 no. 1, pp 1 – 25 . In 1638, two brothers, Richard and Thomas Wickham, were among the families to emigrate to America with Rev. Ezekiel Rogers after he was suspended as Rector of the parish church in 1638 for his non-conformist beliefs.Rev. Philip Graystone. "Elizabeth Jackson of Rowley" (1993, Lampada Press, Hull) ISBN 1 873811 02 0. Thomas married Sarah and their fifth son, Samuel Wickham, was born in 1664; he later settled in Rhode Island and became a Freeman of that Colony and a Deputy. Samuel Wickham married Barbara Holken in 1691 and their fifth son, Benjamin Wickham, was born 17 November 1701 at Rhode Island. Benjamin was chosen by the Rhode Island colonial Assembly in 1756 to be Lieutenant-Colonel of a Regiment raised for the second expedition against Crown Point. In 1757, a deputy for Newport he became Speaker of the House of Deputies. Benjamin married Mary, daughter of Colonel John Gardner in 1743 and Samuel Wickham, their sixth and youngest son, was born at Newport, Rhode Island in 1758. This Samuel rose to the rank of Lieutenant in the Royal Navy; while he was attached to the Portuguese Navy as an instructor he was given the rank of Captain-Lieutenant. He fought on the British side in the War of Independence after which he left America and settled in Scotland. On 16 June 1795 he married Ellen Susan Naylor at Gibraltar. John Clements Wickham was born to them on 21 November 1798 at Leith in Scotland.C. G. Austin, "Newstead House and Capt. Wickham, R.N.", (1947) Journal of the Historical Society of Queensland, Vol. 3 no. 6, pp 459 – 465, .



  • Cape Wickham and Cape Wickham Lighthouse, Tasmania;
  • two islands in Western Australia
    • a small island off Bernouilli Island (Timor Sea);
    • a former name of Stanley Island, in the Recherche Archipelago;
  • two different hills or peaks named Mount Wickham, in the Northern Territory and Queensland;
  • Wickham, New South Wales, a suburb of Newcastle, which includes Wickham Park;
  • the town of Wickham, Western Australia; (9 November 2012).
  • the locality of Wickham, Northern Territory, in Litchfield Municipality;
  • Wickham Park (Brisbane);
  • Wickham River, Northern Territory;
  • a major street in Brisbane, Wickham Terrace, as well as "Wickham Streets" in Fortitude Valley, Queensland, East Perth, Western Australia, Ayr, Queensland,Ismail Street became Wickham St in 1922. Ayr Advocate, 13 August 2004, p16 (via; accessed 12 September 2011. and Wyndham Vale, Victoria.
  • Wickham Island
Falkland Islands
  • Wickham Heights, including Mount Wickham
Solomon Islands
  • Wickham Island, New Georgia Islands group

Other commemorations

Two defunct electorates in Australian state parliaments, namely

  • Electoral district of Wickham (New South Wales)
  • Electoral district of Wickham (Queensland)

An Australian plant:

  • Grevillea wickhamii (Wickham’s Grevillea).