Jimmy Jacobs


Jimmy Jacobs : biography

February 17, 1984 –

The day after their debut, their website revealed that all the blog entries had been written by Tyler Black. In an interview with a German website, Jacobs revealed there would be more people involved. This was incorporated into British promotion 3CW in early November when Jacobs was revealed as the newest member of a similar faction in the promotion known as The Lost, managed by Sean David. Jacobs faced Sterling James Keenan on November 11 in a "Street Fight" in Middlesbrough, England.

A woman named Allison Wonderland would also become a follower of Jacobs on November 30, debuting in Dayton during a 4-Way Tag Team Scramble match. At Unscripted III, Jacobs defeated former ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson with his new finisher, the End Time. At Final Battle 2007, Jacobs and Tyler Black defeated the Briscoe Brothers to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship. On January 25, 2008, Jacobs teamed with the returning Joey Matthews, the newest member of The Age of the Fall, in a losing effort against Roderick Strong and Rocky Romero of the No Remorse Corps. The following night, Jacobs and Black lost the ROH World Tag Team Championship to the No Remorse Corps’ Davey Richards and Romero in an Ultimate Endurance match, also involving Brent Albright and BJ Whitmer of The Hangmen 3, and Austin Aries and Bryan Danielson. On February 22, 2008, Jacobs introduced Zach Gowen as the newest member of the group. Following the announcement the two of them were defeated by the Vulture Squad of Jigsaw and Ruckus.

The group at this time had an open invitation for Austin Aries to join them, writing blogs and posting YouTube videos about and directed at him. Tammy Lynn Sytch had made a counter offer to Aries of her services (including offering money and sex) against him joining the group. On March 30, 2008, Aries left the ring with Lacey, who was going to ‘convince’ him, and it was implied that the two had sex. At this show Rain accompanied the group to the ring, as she has done in Full Impact Pro, because the show was in Florida. On April 19, Lacey left the group, siding with Austin Aries romantically. Aries also turned down the invitation into the group. Jacobs, heartbroken by Lacey leaving him, broke down in the ring to the chants of "Cry, Jimmy, Cry!" from fans and being covered with streamers. Later in the show Jacobs showed signs of a mental breakdown as he hit himself in the head with his trademark spike, to the concern of his fellow group members. The main event was changed as Jacobs pulled out. "The Vulture Squad" (Ruckus, Jigsaw and Jack Evans) were then beaten by the combination of Matthews, Black and Gowen (who replaced Jacobs). Post match Jacobs called out Aries and the two brawled, before Aries was attacked Black, Matthews and Gowen. Jacobs went to attack Aries with his spike, but stopped when Lacey begged him not to. On October 25, Jacobs and Aries then had an Anything Goes match where Jacobs won, but lost a Dog Collar match to Aries on November 8, after losing a large amount of blood. In a match set to end the feud, Jacobs lost to Aries in an "I Quit" match at Rising Above. During the match Lacey returned and almost threw in the towel for Aries, but Aries begged her not to. Lacey then prevented Tyler Black from throwing in the towel for Jacobs, forcing Jacobs to say "I Quit".

As a result of the loss to Aries, Jacobs attacked Black at Final Battle 2008 in December. Jacobs and Black continued to feud for several months, and on June 27, Black defeated Jacobs in a steel cage match. Afterwards, over a dozen men dressed in black clothing and black masks climbed into the cage and attacked Black, while Jacobs proclaimed that the Age of the Fall was not over. The following night, after Kenta had defeated Black, Jacobs and his followers attacked Black again and tried to hang him upside down above the ring, but were stopped by Kevin Steen, El Generico and Delirious. They hung Jacobs upside down above the ring, with Black declaring that the Age of the Fall was finished.