Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey : biography

17 January 1962 –

But Jim Carrey, who had already felt his power, didn’t count one very simple detail – thirteen weeks passed and the project of a comedian series was closed, and Jim lost his job. The situation was so critical, that he had to send his parents to Canada – they simply had nothing to eat. In Canada Jim’s mother got seriously ill, and relatives said that the treatment was very expensive. Jim forgot about his plans to conquer America and even didn’t perform in clubs – he spent all the time on auditions and castings. And he was lucky again – in 1985 Jim Carrey got a role in a comedian film “Once Bitten”. He played a virgin, who was hunted by a vampire girl, and viewers appreciated Carrey’s playing and charming absurdity of this image. Viewers were conquered, and the more important for Jim object was conquered too – a pretty waitress Melissa Womer.

The young couple’s affair developed very slowly and improbably chastely. But everything has the end, and Jim Carrey made a proposal to Melissa. In March of 1987 they got married, and nine months later, In Christmas Eve, Melissa gave birth to a charming girl, named Jane. Since that time Jim Carrey has claimed that he made all work on monologues, long rehearsals and endless auditions only for a beloved daughter.

Till 1991 Jim had tried many occupations – he tried to become an anchorman of a TV show, sent film holders with his performances to cinema studios, played in films. And finally he managed to persuade producers that he could have his own show. “Unnatural act of Jim Carrey” appeared on screens. Unfortunately, Jim’s mother didn’t see her son’s triumph – he died of a strong nephritic illness.

Jim had more work since then, but he found time to take part in a low-budget comedy, which told about adventures of a detective, who searched for pets. This film’s script was rejected by all big Hollywood studios, because no American famous comedian put a claim for the main role of Ace Ventura. It should be said that Jim Carrey changed he main character very much. Ace Ventura in his playing grew a cock cirrus on the head and had very strange sense of humour. But the image was guessed right – for three weeks of distribution the film “Ace Ventura” brought more than thirty eight million dollars. Jim Carrey got a powerful start with this film, and now Americans called his name with admiring intonations, beginning with the words “that one”.

The next wonderful Jim Carrey’s success was logical. He played a main role in a fantastic film “The Mask” in 1994. Jim Carrey was offered seven million dollars for playing in a film “Dumb and Dumber”. During the shootings of this film a tragic event happened – Jim got to know, that his father died in Canada.

The actor worked so intensely, that once ambulance drove him to a hospital from a shooting area. His wife, got to know about husband’s hospitalization, only sniffed, and then shocked medical staff with a phrase “So, Jim, got yourself into a mess?”. But Carrey understood, what the matter was. His wife, once modest, now always ordered Jim to work more and more, because a growing up daughter needed new clothes, new bicycle, good school. Reflection of former life in poverty was too bright for Melissa.

Jim Carrey decided to divorce with Melissa in 1995, but he cared about the family, and every month sent his former wife a check for nine thousand dollars. One of the reasons а this divorce was the fact that Jim Carrey met an actress Lauren Holly during the shootings of “Dumb and Dumber”. Soon they got married, but their marriage lasted less than a year. Lauren took her husband only as a top actor and fantastic comedian.

The next Jim Carrey’s woman was Renee Zellweger. Extremely hard-working and persistent in achieving her goals, she didn’t need sponsor men and counted only on herself. There were even speculations in Hollywood that Renee Zellweger was the only actress, who didn’t yield to Tom Cruise’ charm. By the time of Jim Carrey’s acquaintance with Renee Zellweger he had played many roles in popular films. He met his future lover on shootings of the film “Me, Myself and Irene”. The girl seemed to take Jim’s courting favourably, took gift from him, but resolutely rejected every offer about a joint dinner. But constant dripping wears away the stone, and some time later everyone noticed that Renee looked at Jim with a different look, and Carrey made real shows on the shooting area to make her smile. After the end of shootings Zellweger and Carrey announced about their wedding.