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July 24, 1969 –

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Andrew Barker of Variety observes that Lopez’s image is constantly evolving, opining that she exhibits "a plethora of contradictions" as a pop star. Barker wrote, "Despite a carefully cultivated image as an imperious pop empress in ludicrously expensive outfits, her signature hits bear the titles "I’m Real" and "Jenny From the Block". She managed the perilous transition from actress to music star without ever seeming to pick either as a primary gig. She established herself as an oft-provocative sex symbol while her demeanor made it abundantly clear that she’s not asking you to come hither". Barker also notes that Lopez’ first album On the 6 explored futuristic musical genres such as EDM and Euro-pop, ten years before the dance music buzz would take over mainstream music. While a dominant cultural icon, Lopez is also noted by Lynette Holloway of The New York Times to be subject to overexposure. She wrote: "Forgive yourself if you are seeing Jennifer Lopez in your sleep. She is everywhere". Holloway noted her image to be "a dash of ghetto fabulousness here and a dash of middle-class respectability there to give her mass appeal".

A pop icon, Lopez is considered "pop royalty" and triple threat. Television presenter Ray Martin describes Lopez as a "showbiz phenomenon". Lopez has developed an image as a sex symbol and "one of the most desirable women on the planet". Lopez, although, practices Krav Maga and has been trained at the level of a professional boxer.{} Famed by the media for her curvaceous figure, a survery run by Nutrisystem revealed that American females wanted her thighs and rear.

Lopez has been widely recognized for her sex appeal, credited for "showing off her body" and allowing women with curvaceous figures to be accepted. Details magazine named her the "Sexiest Woman of the Year" in 1998, and she led FHMs "100 Sexiest Woman" list twice. In 2011, she was named "World’s Most Beautiful Women" by People. Lopez was shocked, though pleased that a women her age who is above forty was selected. In 2012, Complex placed Lopez second on their list of "100 Hottest Female Singers of All Time", writing: "Lopez has dominated the entertainment industry and become the archetypal sexy singer. And Jenny from the Block […] isn’t just an icon in the music and movie world, she’s also a trendsetter".{} The following year, VH1 ranked her the fourth on their list of "100 Sexiest Artists", while Vibe magazine named her the most "lustable" celebrity of the past twenty years.

Lopez is known for her fashion sense, and has changed her personal appearance multiple times, scoring several different looks over the duration of her career. Her style is described by Billboards Lauren Savage as scantily clad. Describing her fashion evolution, Lopez states that her style combines a "boyish" hip hop look, a "sexy element", "classic things, movie stars" and Jackie O. However, Lopez has been criticized by the animal rights organization PETA as well as celebrities such as Pink and Pamela Anderson for her use of fur in her fashion lines and outfits. She has also received bad publicity over rumors that she is a demanding diva.{} She has constantly denied this. Lopez has also admitted to having a "less-than-perfect" public image, attesting this to the types of aggressive roles she played in the films Angel Eyes and Out of Sight. The media often draw comparisons between Lopez and actress Elizabeth Taylor, due to her numerous failed relationships.