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Jean-Marc Lofficier : biography

June 22, 1954 –


The following year, the Lofficiers were hired by French artist Moebius then living in Santa Monica to translate and arrange for the publication of his works in English under the aegis of his company, Starwatcher Graphics. This led to a series of 30+ graphic novels published mostly by Epic Comics until 1995. During that time, the Lofficiers also translated numerous French comics for Dark Horse Comics, co-editing their comic Cheval Noir, and for Renegade Press, co-editing their comic French Ice, featuring the series Carmen Cru by French artist Jean-Marc Lelong. In 1990, in recognition of their career as writers, translators and editors, the Lofficiers were presented with the Inkpot Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comic Arts.


After Moebius returned to France and Starwatcher Graphics was disbanded in 2000, the Lofficiers started their own company, Hollywood Comics, which advises and counsels comic book professionals in their dealings with Hollywood. In 2003, they created their own small press, Black Coat Press, to translate and publish classics of French pulp literature into English, relying in part on the output of British writer/translator Brian Stableford.

From 2000 to 2003, Jean-Marc Lofficier was editor and senior writer of a line of French comic books published by Semic Comics, redeveloping old French characters from the 1960s such as Wampus, Kabur, Phenix, Homicron, Dragut and Dick Demon into more modern versions, even gathering a number of them in the mini-series Strangers published by Image Comics in 2003., Newsarama, November 12, 2002 This universe of characters is now gathered as Hexagon Comics. The Lofficiers also wrote "Blood Oath" a crossover between Phenix and Top Cow’s Witchblade., Newsarama, June 10, 2003, Newsarama, December 5, 2004 In 2011, the Lofficiers started to reprint the "classic" stories from the 1960s and 1970s in a series of black & white trade paperbacks, as well as write new stories in partnership with Wanga Comics.

Pulps and science-fiction

Also for the French comic market, the Lofficiers recently wrote a trilogy of graphic novels based on the character of Robur created by Jules Verne. Illustrated by Gil Formosa, the first two volumes were nominated for the 2005 Jules Verne Award for Bandes Dessinees. There were published in English in Heavy Metal.

In 2005, the Lofficiers left California and relocated to the town of Chalabre, in the South of France. They started another small press, Rivière Blanche, to publish French science fiction novels in the nostalgic style of the long-defunct Anticipation imprint of Editions Fleuve Noir.

Lofficier’s official website includes a section entitled "Illustrated History of the French Saint Novels", a guide to French-language novels based upon the character of Simon Templar (alias "The Saint"), created by Leslie Charteris.





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