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24 March 1982 –

James William Napier Robertson (born March 24, 1982) is an actor, writer and film director from New Zealand who has appeared in several television productions including The Tribe and Shortland Street. He also wrote and directed the feature film .

His uncle is actor Marshall Napier, and his cousin is Marshall’s daughter, actress Jessica Napier.


Napier Robertson played in the L.A. rock band ‘The Pistol Whips’, contributing with guitar and vocals.http://www.myspace.com/thepistolwhips



  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) (uncredited) …. Little One
  • Foul Play (2007) Writer, Director and Actor. …. When a victim of a rape (Jinny Lee Story) manages to track her assailant down, her revenge seems to be swift and deadly. As events unfold, all is not as it seems and deception comes at a very high price.
  • (2009) Writer, Director. …. A grungy true crime novelist, Stanley Merse, has become obsessed with the subject of his latest book, Harry Jenson, a prolific serial killer. Convinced that he’s losing his mind, he goes on a retreat to recover, but instead ends up with a traveler dead, blood on his hands and a secret he now has to try and keep from a lot of other people.(featuring Ian Mune, Ilona Rogers and Jinny Lee Story).


  • ‘‘The Tribe (1999) TV Series …. Jay (Series 4-5, 2001/02)
  • ‘‘Being Eve (2001) TV Series …. Jared Preston (2001/02)
  • ‘‘Shortland Street (1992) TV Series …. Glen McNulty (2001)
  • ‘‘Mercy Peak
    • Light My Fire (2003)…. Luke Bertram
    • Pride and Prejudice (2003)…. Luke Bertram
  • ‘‘Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
    • Storm Before the Calm: Part 1 (2003)…. Eric McKnight
    • Storm Before the Calm: Part 2 (2003)…. Eric McKnight
  • ‘‘Power Rangers: Dino Thunder (2004) …. Conner McKnight/Red Dino Thunder Ranger
  • ‘‘Power Rangers: S.P.D.
    • History (2005)…. Conner McKnight/Red Dino Thunder Ranger
    • Wormhole (2005)…. Conner McKnight/Red Dino Thunder Ranger
  • Go Girls (2009) …. Mark

Recent work

James wrote and directed , with old friends Tom Hern and Edward Sampson both taking roles as producers in the film. The film was accepted into the http://www.nzff.co.nz/n7584.html?region=2 and received post-production funding from the .http://newzealandfilmtv.co.nz/2009/07/young-kiwi-filmakers-break-mould-with-im-not-harry-jenson/ I’m Not Harry Jenson was nominated for Best Picture at the 2009 AFTA Awards (New Zealand Film and TV Awards)http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1413534/awards and was picked up by Rialto Distribution for a New Zealand wide theatrical release in January–March 2010 to strong reviews.http://www.rialtoentertainment.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=front.viewFilm&filmid=AF332B75-C980-4537-B0A4DCA715F0726C&zone=nz