James Bourne


James Bourne : biography

13 September 1983 –

Volume 2 – Space Travellers

Volume 2 was originally set to be released in Spring 2011 within a Facebook game called "Space Travellers", users would be able to unlock songs by progressing though the game.http://twitter.com/#!/JBFutureboy/status/37875880353075200 The Game was pushed back to 3 May 2012 two years after Volume 1 release due to the Developers, Initek making the game. On 3 May 2012 the game was postponed due to changes within Facebook so the Developers had to re-work parts of the game in order for it to work.http://twitter.com/#!/TeamFutureBoy/status/198332428119580672 No further release dates have been released.

There will be no Physical or Download release of the album, the album is a story based in a game rather an album.

Solo project

Alongside his alter ego act Future Boy, James revealed on Kali FM live on air that he would be releasing a solo EP and aired some songs on the radio show. The EP is set to be released in the summer. James promised to go back to a Busted kind of sound with guitars instead of the synth based Future Boy songs. Rumours circulated that the EP might be self titled. Songs including "Gone" & "One of A Kind", were played on air. On his Facebook, Bourne revealed it would in fact be a solo album and will include the track ‘Beautiful Girls are the Loneliest’.

In 2012 Bourne did his debut sell out acoustic tour starting round the UK in only 5 locations; London, Manchester, Glasgow, Islingon and Birmingham, with Matt Willis and wife, Emma Willis, as well as family members coming to support him. His set consisted of a mixture of songs from Busted, Future Boy and Son of Dork. He is now touring in Spain. He is looking at carrying on in the UK doing festivals later on in 2012 after casting his Loserville musical. There are talks about him and Matt Willis collaborating for future songs together.

The Bourne Insanity

In early 2013, Bourne formed a band with his brother Chris Bourne. They released their first single ‘Mohawk’ on 16 April, unsigned and written solely by Chris.https://twitter.com/JamesBourne/status/323469888737931266


Bourne wrote the majority of Busted’s two albums with Matt Willis, Charlie Simpson and Tom Fletcher (McFly). Busted’s style of music can also be identified in songs with his next band Son of Dork’s poppier tracks.

Bourne has helped write at least one song on every McFly album Room on the 3rd Floor, Wonderland and Motion in the Ocean. He also helped write several songs on their fourth album, Radio:Active. He takes a lot of writing credits for artists such as Melanie C for which he wrote "Immune" for her fourth studio album "This Time". Other artists include MC Lars, with whom he wrote the song "Twenty-three" on the "This Gigantic Robot Kills" album, and Pat Monahan, with whom he co-wrote "Great Escape" on the album "Last of Seven". Bourne has recently been writing with his girlfriend’s band The Lunabelles and JC Chasez as well as unknown artists as a part of Metrophonic. He has also helped write songs for the British Drama Brittania High. He also wrote Eoghan Quigg’s debut solo single "28,000 Friends", which was originally performed by Bourne at The Living Room, New York on 11 October 2007. He also co-wrote The Saturdays song, "Forever Is Over", which was released on 2 October and reached number two in the charts. In November 2009, Bourne collaborated with Leon G. Thomas III to write the song ‘Please Don’t Change Your Mind.’

Bourne’s music often includes references to films. For example Busted’s song, Year 3000 contains several references to Back to the Future as well as Son of Dork’s song Ticket Outta Loserville containing the lyrics ‘Wake up to "I Got You Babe", Like the guy from Groundhog Day -‘.


Mcfly really began when Bourne invited Tom Fletcher to a songwriting session one evening at Princess park manor at the Busted house. After a successful evening’s work Bourne and Fletcher went on to form a successful writing relationship penning the majority of Mcfly’s debut album before the rest of the band was even in place. It was this unique writing relationship that inspired the whole idea of the band. Bourne has had cuts on all of Mcfly’s albums except "Above the Noise". Bourne introduced Mcfly to the country on their first ever TV performance on CD:UK and played a significant role in their rise to success.