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Ippolito Pindemonte : biography

November 13, 1753 – November 18, 1828

Ippolito Pindemonte (November 13, 1753–November 18, 1828) was an Italian poet. He was educated at the Collegio di San Carlo in Modena, but otherwise spent most of his life in Verona.

He was born into an aristocratic family, and travelled a great deal in his youth. He was a good friend of Giuseppe Torelli and the scholar Girolamo Pompei. , By Henry Stebbing, Volume 3, page 397 His brother Giovanni Pindemonte was a prominent dramatist. Stebbing, page 410

He witnessed and was deeply affected by the French Revolution, residing in Paris for ten months during 1789. Stebbing, page 403. He later spent time in England and Austria. A Romantic poet, he was principally influenced by Ugo Foscolo and Thomas Gray, and was associated with the Della Cruscans. He devoted much of his life to a translation of the Odyssey, which was published in 1822. *