Gustav Andreas Tammann

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Gustav Andreas Tammann : biography

24 July 1932 –

Gustav Andreas Tammann (24 July 1932) was the director of the Astronomical Institute of the University of Basel, Switzerland, European Space Agency member of the Space Telescope Advisory Team, and Member of Council of the European Southern Observatory. His research interests include supernovae and the extragalactic distance scale. Tammann is a former President of the International Astronomical Union Commission on Galaxies. In 2000 he received the Albert Einstein Medal that is given for "outstanding scientific findings, works, or publications related to Albert Einstein" and the Tomalla Prize for his efforts in measuring the expansion rate of the universe and especially for his pioneering work using Supernovae as standard candles. In 2005 received the Karl Schwarzschild Medal. The asteroid 18872 Tammann is named for him. Tammann is the grandson of the physical chemist Gustav Tammann.