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Gillian Anderson : biography

09 August 1968 –

On the 9th of August, 1968 a girl Gillian was born in Chicago. Her father, Edward Anderson, worked in cinema distribution, and mother Rosemary was a computer analyst. Soon after daughter’s birth they moved to Puerto-Rico, where they lived for a year and a half, and then went to London for Edward to get a LFS certificate of the London Cinema School.

The girl loved England very much and managed to get a British pronunciation, but when she was eleven, Anderson family returned in USA and settled in Grand Rapids, a city in Michigan. After living in European capital Gillian was horrified with a provincial American town – it was an extreme hole, where only hayseeds lived. Moreover, classmates made fun of Gillian’s pronunciation, and she also didn’t want to communicate with them. She mastered pronunciation of Middle West very fast, but couldn’t accept a destiny of а provincial girl.

She was smart, diligent and talented girl, who was keen on sea and biology, and at the age of thirteen she started to attend a school theatre hobby group, where she immediately got the role of Juliet. But then transitional age came, and a fourteen year old Gillian after holidays in England discovered a punk style of life and mind. The protest to province, family and society was expressed not only in her appearance, though pierced nose and many-coloured hair took place. Gillian even got a nickname “A clown of the class”. But what’s worse, she behaved herself according to her image. She changed guys very often, drank cheap whiskey, behaved like a hooligan, the day before school-leaving party she was caught by police for filling the door lock of the school with glue… And for all that she still wanted to become an actress.

The parents were really surprised that after leaving school in 1986 the daughter suddenly settled down and became a student of the Chicago University. Though she entered the actors’ department – in the theatre and very prestigious school of Goadman. In 1990 she got a diploma of a bachelor of fine arts and moved to New York, where she played on stages on so-called “Beyond Broadway” theatres. She earned very little money, but she didn’t leave stage and made some money on the side working as a waitress. Her first serious breakthrough was a theatre performance “Absent Friends”. Gillian Anderson got Theatre World Award for the role in this performance.

Before finishing the university Gillian played episode roles in films, but the real debut in cinema took place in 1992 – she played April Cavano in a film “The Turning”. This film was low-budget and unnoticed, and nobody offered the young actress big roles. Actress’s agent suggested her going to auditions of television, but Gillian, who swore to herself that she would never play in stupid serials, waited to the last. After a year of full unemployment the actress clenched her teeth and went to auditions. That’s how she got to auditions for a new project “X-Files”.

The administration of TV channel “Fox Network” wanted to see actors of absolutely definite type in this new and promising project. A performer of Fox Mulder’s role was found very quickly – an actor Davis Duchovny hadn’t enjoyed the fruits of fame yet, but had rather big experience in TV shootings. But Dana Scully, his partner, should be, in project administration’s opinion, by all means a sexy and long-legged blonde like Pamela Anderson to attract male public to a new serial. Of course, a candidate of a beginner Gillian wasn’t even discussed. But Chris Carter, the author and director of “X-files” saw the actress and immediately understood, that he wouldn’t find a better performer and managed to stand his ground. After long arguments the “Fox” company ran risks and concluded a trial contract with the actress.

The first episodes of “X-files” brought this fantastic serial a status of cult film, and actors, who played the main roles, became famous all over the world. Gillian, who didn’t expect anything like that, couldn’t stop thinking that it was a miraculous dream. And this dream continued: the agent Dana Scully quickly turned into a sex-symbol and got millions of admirers. She only lacked a fairy-tale prince for the absolute happiness, and he appeared – in the person of Clyde Klotz, the art-director of “X-files”. The beloved kept their affair secret, and even their relatives didn’t know about their wedding for a while. It was held on the first morning of 1994 on Hawaii, and the wedding ceremony, according to the press, was Buddhist.