Fabian Ver


Fabian Ver : biography

January 20, 1920 – November 21, 1998

Police officials, military men, businessmen, politicians, bureaucrats and other prominent figures like judges kowtowed to him. Many feared to displease him as he has direct access to Marcos and has his ear as well as of then First Lady Imelda Marcos.

In fact, his three sons, who are all military officers like him were in the zenith of power. His eldest son, Irwin was rapidly promoted to colonel and named chief of staff of the Presidential Security Command. His other son, Rexor was the chief of the close- in security of Marcos and youngest son, Wirlo, was the commander of the Armored Unit of Malacanang Palace.

During Ver’s term as AFP chief of staff, he was biased in favor of the military officers that came from ROTC program by giving them incentives and named them to key important posts in the military, thus, this made the military officers who graduated from the Philippine Military Academy resentful. He also extended schooling privileges to his relatives, friends in the military especially the graduates of professional military schools that are close to him, to Marcos and to Imelda, including those who paid homage to him and filled the high posts in the military with Ilocano ROTC-trained military officers. This was the era of favoritism in the AFP.

He also instituted, along with Marcos the extension of services in the military of those military officers who overreached their retirement age.

As Marcos disregarded the authority of then Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile in the 1980s, he changed the military chain of command. Under the new chain of command, the authority would evolve from Marcos as president and commander-in-chief of the armed forces up to Ver, the chief of staff of the armed forces.

Thus, Ver increasingly became the second most powerful government official in the country, replacing Enrile who held the status since the imposition of Martial Law on 1972 when Marcos named him as martial law administrator. Ver and Enrile would be often at odds with each other.

Ver and Ramos, would be often at odds with each other and Ver would attempt to cripple Ramos for he was his rival then for the leadership of the Armed Forces. And, a column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on 2013 to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, describes Ver as a no-mercy person when it comes to purging the military of officers opposing Marcos and his regime.