Eric Bloom


Eric Bloom : biography

December 1, 1944 –

Blue Öyster Cult: 1972-present

In April 1969, when lead singer Braunstein dropped out of the group, Bloom became the band’s vocalist. The band went through several name changes, but in 1971 settled on Blue Öyster Cult. Their first album was released by Columbia Records in 1972, and they were voted "Best New Band" by Creem magazine.

In 1976 their platinum album Agents of Fortune with its megahit "(Don’t Fear) the Reaper" launched the band into international fame. Both Creem and The Rolling Stone voted "Don’t Fear the Reaper" as a top single of the year.

Bloom has been one of the longtime members of the band throughout the decades, along with original member Buck Dharma (it is estimated that they have given over 4,000 live performances). He has co-written several of the band’s more popular songs, with recent projects being "The Old Gods Return" and "Eye of the Hurricane", and often collaborates with writers both inside and outside the music industry.

BÖC are an album rock band rather than a singles band. The group’s most popular singles are "(Don’t Fear) The Reaper" (1976), and "Burnin’ for You" (1981). These were sung by lead guitarist Buck Dharma.

Outside work

Bloom is known for being an avid reader, especially science fiction and fantasy novels. He once sent a fan letter to English science-fiction author Michael Moorcock, and then collaborated with him on three songs. "Black Blade" was written from the point of view of Moorcock’s Elric character, and the other two were "The Great Sun Jester" and "Veteran of the Psychic Wars," the latter of which was used in the original Heavy Metal movie. In 1987, Bloom and Moorcock performed the song live at the Dragon*Con convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bloom also collaborated with author Eric Van Lustbader on the song "Shadow Warrior", and in 1998 and 2001 with cyberpunk author John Shirley on the Heaven Forbid and Curse of the Hidden Mirror albums.

In 2006, Bloom began a partnership with artist Philippe Renaudin, to create and sell six elaborately painted custom-made guitars, each one of which interprets a different Blue Öyster Cult song, and each one of which will be played in new Blue Öyster Cult performances.