Edgar de Evia


Edgar de Evia : biography

July 30, 1910 – February 10, 2003


Books that have been illustrated with de Evia’s photography include:

  • The American Annual of Photography, New York: American Photography Book Department, 1953.
  • Good Housekeeping Book of Home Decoration by Mary L. Brandt, New York: McGraw-Hill, 1957.
  • Picture Cookbook by The Editors of LIFE, Mary Hamman, Editor, New York, NY: Time Incorporated, 1958. Second edition 1959, Third edition 1960.
  • The Spacemaker Book by Ellen Liman, Nancy Stahl and Lewis Wilson, New York: Viking Press, 1977.
  • Fashion: The Inside Story by Barbaralee Diamonstein, New York: Rizzoli, 1985
  • House & Garden’s Best in Decoration by the Editors of House & Garden, New York: Condé Nast Books, Random House, 1987. De Evia’s photos include the front jacket.
  • Glamour’s On The Run by Jane Kirby, Glamour Food Editor, New York: Condé Nast Books, Villard Books, 1987. De Evia’s photos include the front & back jacket.
  • Interior Design by John F. Pile, New York: H.N. Abrams, 1988.
  • The Tiffany Gourmet Cookbook by John Loring, New York: Doubleday, 1992.
  • House Beautiful Decorating Style by Carol Cooper Garey, Hearst Books, 2005. 1992 edition published by Hearst Communications.
  • Victoria On Being a Mother by Victoria Magazine Staff, Hearst Books, 2005. (1st. edition and ©1989)
  • Culinary Traditions II: A Taste of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania collected by the Waynesboro Historical Society, Morris Press, 2007.

Commercial photography

  • Beautyrest by Simmons 1959Edgar de Evia Archives, New York City, New York
  • Borden Ice Cream, Lady Borden campaign 1956–1960Ad Lady Borden New Black Cherry Crisp Saturday Evening Post, 30 January 1960
  • Celanese CorporationFull page advertisement in The New Yorker featured in The Professional Photographer v.80, October 19, 1953
  • Empress Chinchilla fur ads
  • Fieldcrest
  • Gorham SilverAnnual of Advertising, Editorial, Television Art & Design v. 34
  • Hats by Mr. John of John-FredericsMcCall’s v. 79 no. 10
  • Herman Miller Office Furniture 1957 campaign . Retrieved November 11, 2007.
  • Leather Industries of AmericaHarper’s Bazaar, September 1952
  • Maximilian Furs 1950s all ads had the credit "DeEvia"
  • McCall’s patterns all ads had the credit "Photograph by Edgar de Evia"McCall’s January and February 1958
  • Milliken 1970 Breakfast Show program
  • Myrurgia Maja Perfume 1964 Ad with credit"DeEvia"
  • Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation Life Fiberglas campaign 1958
  • Steinway & Sons 1967 catalog


Image:Little Church Around the Corner.jpg|The Little Church Around the Corner (The Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, NYC) Image:David_McJonathan-Swarm.jpg|de Evia’s companion and business partner from 1966 until his death, David McJonathan-Swarm, in a 1968 de Evia’s picture. Image:McJ World Trade.jpg|Mr McJonathan-Swarm in 1969, in front of the World Trade Center under construction Image:Male nude 1970s.jpg|A male nude, taken in the 1970s. Image:IMG 3432.JPG|Professional model Dovima, in an 1950s ad. Image:Sunny Harnett.JPG|Professional model Sunny Harnett taken in the 1950s.


In the 1950s, de Evia’s companion and business partner was Robert Denning, who worked in his studio and who would become a leading American interior designer and partner in the firm Denning & Fourcade.Mitchell Owens, Robert Denning, Champion of Lavish Décor, The New York Times, 5 September 2005, page B7 From 1966 until his death, de Evia’s companion and business partner was David McJonathan-Swarm.


Edgar de Evia, age 92, died at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City from pneumonia following a broken hip.Information from de Evia’s companion, David McJonathan-Swarm, executor of the photographer’s estate His ashes were interred in the columbarium of the Little Church Around the Corner in New York City.Confirmed by Little Church Around the Corner