Donald Trump


Donald Trump : biography

14 June 1946 –

The press was the most strict to Trump and it strongly hit his self-respect. But he also had more ponderable reasons for depression – Donald understood perfectly, that his empire could crash down in any minute. And nothing would be left from his father’s business. Huge problems appeared in Trump’s personal life. His wife Ivana, who had started her own business by that time, decided to divorce and in 1992 she managed to take seventeen million dollars on a nonrecurring basis and six hundred and fifty thousand dollars every month for their children. A year later Donald married for the second time on a model, Marla Maples, who gave birth to a girl, named Tiffany. He was already taught by one sad divorce process and he insisted on concluding a very detailed marriage contract. This marriage lasted for six years, and that time Trump decided to divorce. Owing to the good contract the second wife of the millionaire got a very nice, but not incredible sum of money – two and a half million dollars.

Fortunately, crisis finished rather successfully for Donald. By 1994 he had practically paid all personal debts, managed to save the majority of New York buildings, and incomes from real estate and three casinos allowed him to make investments again. Moderating his ambitions, Trump hired consultants and financial directors and now he prefers to deal with big investors, who got his name and knowledge in return. The story of recovering of Trump’s private finances is considered to be the most considerable in business history of USA.

In April of 2004 the new project of the magnate was realized in collaboration with his partner, Daewoo company. Donald built “Trump World Tower” – a skyscraper of ninety stores, which is situated on the First Avenue. In front of this tower U.N.O building is situated, which height is fifty nine stores. They said, that Kofi Annan, who was the general secretary of U.N.O at that times, was very displeased with such a neighbour…

In April of 2004 Donald Trump decided to get married for the third time and made a proposal to a Slovene, Melania Knauss, a photo model, who was twenty four years younger. The wedding took place in January of the next year in Palm beach, and a year later Melania gave birth to the fifth child of the magnate – a boy Barron. Incidentally, Donald presented his bride a platinum ring with fifteen diamond on the wedding. The price of this ring was one and a half million dollars, but Trump didn’t pay for it, because this ring was an advance payment for servises, promised by the jewelry company “Graff”.

In the west of Manhatten Donald Trump owns a pair of buildings with a group of Hongkong investors, they also have his name. this project was the last project of the magnate in Manhatten,but it brings him huge income. Other Trump’s “children” are “40 Wall street”, a famous skyscraper “Trump Tower” and a company “General Motors”, which he bought out shared with “Conseco” company. Trump is also an official owner of the competition “Wiss Universe”. But his main salvation in the moment of bankruptcy was casino in Atlantic-City, which are successfully competing with new casinos even by now. Only “Taj Mahal” brought hundred million dollars to Trump every year. In 2011 the magazine “Forbes” evaluated his fortune in 2,9 billion dollars.

In the interview in 2008 Donald Trump said, that his wives had difficulties to compete with his business. But, nevertheless, business wasn’t the only interest of the magnate. Donald is keen on golf and has a membership in a club “Winged Foot Golf Club” and regularly took part in competitions. In 200 he was a candidate from reformers on the president’s elections. He played in cinema, very comically playing himself, and he was nominated for “Emmy” twice for the roles in films “Home Alone 2”, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, “The Babysitter”. Besides, Trump is an often guest of different TV programs and talk-shows. In 2004 he organized his own reality-show “The student”, where people competed for a leading position in one of the magnate’s companies – and it was the most successful program of NBC for five years. It isn’t surprising, that Donald Trump is a literally embodiment of American dream for many people of the USA. And Donald also has written several bestsellers about business.

But this American billionaire is famous as a “builder-impressionist”, who has been forming New York appearance for thirty years already, and his manner to use his name in naming projects turned into a hackneyed strategy of marketing.