Dennis Priestley


Dennis Priestley : biography

16 July 1950 –

Cancer battle

In November 2007, Priestley was diagnosed with prostate cancer and issued a statement through the PDC regarding his health. He was forced to withdraw from the John McEvoy Darts Classic in Ireland with pains in his abdomen having been diagnosed with the disease in the run up to the event. He had stated his thoughts were to undergo surgery at some point in early 2008, however, after losing 5-2 to van Barneveld in the second round of the Grand Slam of Darts (despite averaging 103.5), he announced that he would be making arrangements to undergo surgery in the days following the event. This, however, did not prevent him taking his place in the 2008 World Championship where, understandably jaded, he lost in the 1st round to Steve Maish.

After an extended period of treatment and recuperation, Priestley returned to the PDC circuit in May 2008. Much to the delight of darts fans, he quickly regained his form and reached the semi-finals of the US Open where he was beaten, once again, by Taylor. He also lost to Taylor again after a terrific run to the semis of the 2008 World Matchplay.

World Title achievements

BDO Lakeside World Professional Championship Final

  • 1991: Dennis Priestley beat Eric Bristow 6-0

WDC/PDC World Professional Darts Championship Finals

  • 1994: Dennis Priestley beat Phil Taylor 6-1
  • 1996: Phil Taylor beat Dennis Priestley 6-4
  • 1997: Phil Taylor beat Dennis Priestley 6-3
  • 1998: Phil Taylor beat Dennis Priestley 6-0
  • 2000: Phil Taylor beat Dennis Priestley 7-3

Other "World" finals

BDO Winmau World Masters Final

  • 1992: Dennis Priestley beat Mike Gregory

WDC/PDC World Team Championship Winners (this event preceded the World Grand Prix)

  • 1995: Eric Bristow and Dennis Priestley

WDC/PDC World Matchplay Finals

  • 1994: Larry Butler beat Dennis Priestley 16-12
  • 1995: Phil Taylor beat Dennis Priestley 16-11
  • 1996: Peter Evison beat Dennis Priestley 16-14


  • 1999: lost 10-17 to Rod Harrington
  • 2008: lost 8-17 to Phil Taylor

PDC World Grand Prix Semi-Finalist

  • 2000: lost 1-6 to Phil Taylor
  • 2005: lost 4-6 to Colin Lloyd
  • 2006: lost 3-6 to Phil Taylor