Davy Jones (musician)


Davy Jones (musician) : biography

30 December 1945 – 29 February 2012

In April 2006, Jones recorded the single "Your Personal Penguin", written by children’s author Sandra Boynton, as a companion piece to her new board book of the same title. On 1 November 2007, the Boynton book and CD titled Blue Moo was released and Jones is featured in both the book and CD, singing "Your Personal Penguin". As a result of the collaboration, Jones became a close friend of Boynton.

In December 2008, Yahoo! Music named Jones the "Number 1 teen idol of all time". In 2009, Jones was rated second in a list of 10 best teen idols compiled by Fox News.

In 2009, Jones released a collection of classics and standards from the 1940s through the 1970s entitled She.



Date Label/Catalogue # Titles Billboard Top Albums Notes
1965 Colpix CP-493 (mono) / Colpix SCP-493 (stereo) David Jones 185 (US) Credited as "David Jones"
1967 Pye NPL 18178 (mono) David Jones  – (UK) Credited as "David Jones"
June 1971 Bell 6067 Davy Jones 205
January 1978 MCA MCF2826 The Point  – Jones sings most of the songs on this original cast recording of Harry Nilsson’s stage performance of "The Point!". Album was initially released in Britain only, followed by a release in Japan.
June 1981 Japan JAL-1003 Davy Jones Live  – Released in Japan only.
March 1982 Pioneer K-10025 Hello Davy (Davy Jones Live)  – Released in Japan only. According to some sources, this is an unauthorised LP release, with the audio having been lifted from the Japanese-released LaserDisc of this concert.


Date Label/Catalog # Titles (A-side/B-side) Billboard Top Singles Cashbox Notes
February 1965 Colpix CP-764 "Dream Girl" / "Take Me to Paradise"  –  – url=http://books.google.com/books?id=mCgEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA13&dq=david+jones&hl=en&sa=X&ei=AglPT7PLMufKsQLfnbGkDg&ved=0CFUQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=david%20jones&f=false|title=Who Is David Jones?|date=20 February 1965|journal=Billboard|accessdate=1 March 2012}}
July 1965 Colpix CP-784 "What Are We Going to Do?" / "This Bouquet" 93 94 url=http://books.google.com/books?id=2CgEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA27&dq=david+jones&hl=en&sa=X&ei=AglPT7PLMufKsQLfnbGkDg&ved=0CG0Q6AEwCg#v=onepage&q=david%20jones&f=false|title=Colpix presents David Jones|date=17 July 1965|journal=Billboard|accessdate=1 March 2012}}
1965 Colpix CP-793 "The Girl from Chelsea" / "Theme for a New Love"  –  – Credited as "David Jones"
1967 Pye 7N.17302 "It Ain’t Me Babe" / "Baby It’s Me"  –  – Credited as "Davy Jones"
May 1971 Bell 986 "Do It in the Name of Love" / "Lady Jane"  –  – By Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones. Released as by "the Monkees" in some countries, this is technically the group’s last single during their original run, although by then they had lost the rights to the name.
June 1971 Bell 45–111 "Rainy Jane" / "Welcome to My Love" 52 32
October 1971 Bell 45–136 "I Really Love You" / "Sittin’ in the Apple Tree"  – 98
November 1971 Bell 45–159 "Girl" / "Take My Love"  –  – A-side featured in The Brady Bunch episode "Getting Davy Jones"
January 1972 Bell 45–178 "I’ll Believe in You" / "Road to Love"  –  –
1972 MGM K14458 "You’re a Lady" / "Who Was It"  –  –
1973 MGM K14524 "Rubberene" / "Rubberene"  –  – This single was released as a promotional copy only.
May 1978 Warner Brothers 17161 "(Hey Ra Ra Ra) Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse" / "You Don’t Have to Be a Country Boy to Sing a Country Song"  –  – Issued in Britain only to commemorate Mickey Mouse’s 50th Birthday
May 1981 Japan JAS-2007 "It’s Now" / "How Do You Know"  –  – Released in Japan only.
June 1981 Japan JAS-2010 "Dance Gypsy" / "Can She Do It (Like She Dances)"  –  – Released in Japan only (on 25 June 1981). "Dance Gypsy" (a.k.a. "Dance Gypsy Dance") written by Reiko Yukawa.
March 1982 Pioneer K-1517 "Sixteen (Baby, You’ll Soon Be Sixteen)" / "Baby, Hold Out"  –  – Released in Japan only.
December 1984 (no label) JJ2001 "I’ll Love You Forever" / "When I Look Back on Christmas"  –  – Released in Britain only.
1987 Powderworks 374 "After Your Heart" / "Hippy Hippy Shake"  –  – Released in Australia only. Recorded in 1981.