David Duchovny


David Duchovny : biography

07 August 1960 –

David Duchovny couldn’t boast with a long list of lovers, but one of his passions was Maggie Jakobson. It was she who acquainted David with a director Henry Jaglom, who was choosing actors for his film “New Years’ Day”. In a jocular conversation with the director, Maggie suggested that David should play a role of an unfaithful guy in a film. Joking apart, and Henry Jaglom invited David to make this image, and when the film was distributed in 1989, David Duchovny was noticed. The first experiment in playing inspired the beginner actor. He gave up everything and went to Los Angeles, where chances to get a role were much higher, and he started to take part in different auditions. In 1990 David Duchovny was lucky again – he played an agent Bryson in a TV serial “Twin Peaks” (a director David Lynch). As the serial “Twin Peaks” was very popular among viewers, David Duchovny drew attention of Hollywood directors. The next year was very productive for the actor: he played in films “Julia Has Two Lovers”, “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”, “The Rapture”. In 1992 he was offered to play roles in a film “Chaplin” and a children’s comedy “Beethoven”.

But 1993 year became significant for David Duchovny. He got to know that Chris Carter, a famous producer, started to gather ideas for a big project – a serial about supernatural phenomena. Naturally, they needed an actor, who could transform the plot, full of science fiction and magic paradoxes, into reality for viewers. David Duchovny went to audition and became a special agent Fox Mulder. Duchovny counted that the serial would have at least ten episodes and he didn’t know that original and unusual ideas, realized with his participation on the screen, would attract millions of admirers, who would demanded new episodes. The project lasted for nine years and became a peculiar record for such serials.

Firstly “X-files” were made in Vancouver. But the sixth season was shot in Los Angeles, and they had to remove not only the whole shooting team, but also big amount of equipment.. this removal was based on a scandal, which was aroused by David Duchovny, who wanted to stay at home more and not to go to shooting so far. The seventh season was also marked with the next conflict of a manufacturing company of the serial “Fox Broadcasting” and the main actor – this matter even finished with a court. In the eighth season David played in half of episodes, including the final, and he didn’t play at all in the ninth. For several years in one image Duchovny obviously lost interest in the project, which had brought him “Golden Globe” and several high awards. Nevertheless, David took part in the second full-length film with pleasure – it was made in 2008 and named “X-files: I Want to Believe”.

For many years the actor’s personal life wasn’t successful – he couldn’t find a woman, with whom he wanted to connect his life. For some time he lived with Perrey Reeves, but, according to his words, he hardly refrained from other affairs. David Duchovny called Tea Leoni the woman of his dream, she was a talented actress, who played in a TV serial “The Naked Truth”. For four months they kept their relationships in secret, but in spring of 1997 they got married. Two years later, on the 24th of April in 1999 Tea gave birth to a daughter, who was named Madelaine West Duchovny. On the 15th of June in 2002 the family had a son, who was named Kyd Miller. Eleven years later the marriage’s idyll was broken – the family broke up because of David’s often unfaithfulness, and the actor even had to have a course of hyper sexuality treatment. After this treatment the couple started to live together again, but in 2011 they parted forever.

“Agent Mulder”, who had already became famous, was invited to take part in different famous shows – such as “Saturday Night Live”, Larry Sanders’ show” and “Simpsons”. But Duchovny wasn’t pleased with it. He tried to reveal himself as a director and script writer in “X-files”, and in 2000 he returned in the world of a big screen – Duchovny played in a melodramatic film “Return to Me”. But it wasn’t easy to break out of “X-files”, in spite of David’s roles in films “Zoolander”, “Full Frontal”, “Trust the Man”, “Things We Lost in the fire”. In 2004 David became a director of a film “House of D”, but this film failed in distribution and got negative reviews from critics.

Another big work of David Duchovny was a role of a writer Hank Moody in a serial “Californication”, which appeared in 2007. this image brought David the next “Golden Globe” in a nomination “The best man’s role in a comedian serial”. But critics didn’t like Duchovny’s work in the second full-length film “X-files” – unlike viewers. On the other hand, a film “The Joneses”, in which he played with Demi Moore, was honoured with good reviews from critics, but practically failed in distribution. It is true, that critics and viewers live in different worlds.

We should hope that once David Duchovny would overgrow agent Mulder and please viewers with brilliant works in cinema – all the more, David’s talent as an actor is obvious.