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David Berlinski : biography

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Berlinski is a secular Jew and agnostic.Berlinski, David. , p. 6. Basic Bools, 2010. ISBN 1458758567. Accessed February 24, 2013. "But here it is, an inconvenient fact: I am a secular Jew." Berlinski’s views towards criticism of religious belief can be found in his latest book, entitled "The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions". In summary, he asserts that some skeptical arguments against religious belief based on scientific evidence misrepresent what the science is actually saying, that an objective morality requires a religious foundation, that mathematical theories attempting to bring together quantum mechanics and relativity amount to pseudoscience because of their lack of empirical verifiability, and he expresses doubt towards the Darwinian variation of evolutionary theory.

Mark Perakh, a critic of the intelligent design movement, contends that Berlinski’s writings are not scientific, but popular, and that Berlinski "has no known record of his own contribution to the development of mathematics or of any other science." Mark Perakh. Science Insights, a publication of the National Association of Scholars, September 2003 Though Berlinski himself prefers to be known as a writer rather than a scientist.

The Deniable Darwin has also been criticized by Eugenie Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education, Commentary, September 1996


Mathematics and biology

Berlinski has written works on systems analysis, the history of differential topology, analytic philosophy, and the philosophy of mathematics. Berlinski has authored books for the general public on mathematics and the history of mathematics. These include A Tour of the Calculus (1997) on calculus, The Advent of the Algorithm (2000) on algorithms, Newton’s Gift (2000) on Isaac Newton, and Infinite Ascent: A Short History of Mathematics (2005). Another book, The Secrets of the Vaulted Sky (2003), compares astrological and evolutionary accounts of human behavior. In Black Mischief, Berlinski wrote “Our paper became a monograph. When we had completed the details, we rewrote everything so that no one could tell how we came upon our ideas or why. This is the standard in mathematics.”

Berlinski’s books have received mixed reviews; Newton’s Gift and The Advent of the Algorithm were criticized by MathSciNet for containing historical and mathematical inaccuracieshttp://www.ams.org/mathscinet/search/publdoc.html?arg3=&co4=AND&co5=AND&co6=AND&co7=AND&dr=all&pg4=AUCN&pg5=TI&pg6=PC&pg7=ALLF&pg8=ET&review_format=html&s4=Berlinski&s5=&s6=&s7=&s8=All&vfpref=html&yearRangeFirst=&yearRangeSecond=&yrop=eq&r=1&mx-pid=1815707http://www.ams.org/mathscinet/search/publdoc.html?arg3=&co4=AND&co5=AND&co6=AND&co7=AND&dr=all&pg4=AUCN&pg5=TI&pg6=PC&pg7=ALLF&pg8=ET&review_format=html&s4=Berlinski&s5=&s6=&s7=&s8=All&vfpref=html&yearRangeFirst=&yearRangeSecond=&yrop=eq&r=2&mx-pid=1766416 while the Mathematical Association of America review of A Tour of the Calculus recommended that professors have students read the book to appreciate the overarching historical and philosophical picture of calculus.


Berlinski, along with fellow Discovery Institute associates Michael Behe and William A. Dembski, tutored Ann Coulter on science and evolution for her book Godless: The Church of Liberalism.Coulter, Ann, Godless: The Church of Liberalism. From the book jacket: "I couldn’t have written about evolution without the generous tutoring of Michael Behe, David Berlinski, and William Dembski, all of whom are fabulous at translating complex ideas, unlike liberal arts types, who constantly force me to the dictionary to relearn the meaning of quotidian."

Berlinski was a longtime friend of the late Marcel-Paul Schützenberger (1920–1996), with whom he collaborated on an unfinished and unpublished mathematically-based manuscript that he described as being "devoted to the Darwinian theory of evolution."Wilf, Herbert et al., "," Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, served from University of Pennsylvania Dept. of Mathematics Server, article dated 12 October 1996, retrieved from WWW on 4 November 2006. Berlinski dedicated The Advent of the Algorithm to Schutzenberger.


He is the author of several detective novels starring private investigator Aaron Asherfeld: Less Than Meets the Eye, The Body Shop and A Clean Sweep, and a number of shorter works of fiction and non-fiction.