Bob Lazar


Bob Lazar : biography

26 January 1959 –

Lazar’s credibility was challenged after it was discovered that "schools he was supposed to have attended had no record of him, while others in the scientific community had no memory of ever meeting him."" Lazar’s supporters counter that Lazar’s credentials and history were sabotaged to create the very questions of credibility his critics have emphasized.

Lazar first appeared in the media in the late 1980s. He appeared on television on a local Las Vegas news program discussing his experience at S4 and Area 51. He was also featured in the Los Alamos Monitor in a story dealing with a jet car he claimed to have built with help from a NASA researcher. The car was built from a jet engine modified and placed on an existing car model.Article in the Los Alamos Monitor The article stated that Lazar was "a physicist at the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility".


Education and qualifications

Lazar claims to hold degrees from the California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1993, the Los Angeles Times looked into his background and found there was no evidence to support those claims at either institution. Physicist and investigator Stanton Friedman was only able to substantially verify that Lazar took electronics courses in the late 1970s at Pierce Junior College in Los Angeles. December 1997 By Stanton Friedman His occupation was listed as a self-employed document photo processor. His educational and professional background cannot be either completely verified or refuted, a situation that Lazar and his supporters attribute to government manipulation of records and other deletions of history, specifically done to discredit him and his claims regarding Area 51, S4 and his other claims regarding alien technology and beings that he has encountered."

Legal problems

A 1991 Los Angeles Times article reported that Lazar was "on probation in Clark County, Nevada on a pandering charge for having installed a computer system for an illegal brothel (while legal in some smaller counties of Nevada, prostitution is illegal in Clark County). Lazar also could have potentially been charged with serious federal charges, including treason, for having revealed classified information about S4 and Area 51. The fact that Lazar has not been charged with any federal crimes regarding the revelation of highly classified information, including data that could compromise United States national security, has been cited by Lazar’s critics as evidence that Lazar’s claimed information, and story, are neither true nor classified. However, Lazar’s supporters argue that there have been other cases where scientists who revealed highly classified information, particularly recently at Los Alamos National Laboratory, have not been charged, and that this was allegedly done to undermine their credibility by questioning the value of the information those individuals claimed. Lazar’s supporters argue that this lack of criminal charges or indictment does not indicate the information was not accurate.