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April 15, 1982 –

Beautiful Things Tour (2nd Leg)

The second leg of the tour comprised ten shows in June 2012. Good Old War was not available for this leg of the tour because they were supporting their new record Come Back As Rain by touring with The Counting Crows. The Dear Hunter opened and also served as Green’s backing band, which, for fans of The Dear Hunter, was the most amazing night of their lives.

Beautiful Summer [Unofficial Title] (2013) [?]

On June 30, 2012 Green recorded the show at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, NJ. He was backed by The Dear Hunter. He has not revealed an official title for this live album and has not mentioned when he intends to release it.

Hurricane Sandy Benefit EP (2012)

On November 13, 2012 this album was released as a digital download with proceeds going to the Red Cross to benefit people whose communities and homes were destroyed by the superstorm known as Hurricane Sandy. The released contained ‘When I’m On Pills’ remixed by Steve Clifford and ‘Gets Yours While You Can’ remixed by Psychic Babble (Colin Frangicetto). The release also contained a Circa Survive B-Side from their Violent Waves album, a Psychic Babble song that almost became a Circa Survive song and an old acoustic demo by Brendan Ekstrom.

Young Legs (2013)

In spring 2011, Anthony mentioned his desire to record and release a third solo album entitled ‘Young Legs’ shortly after the release of ‘Beautiful Things’.

During the first leg of the ‘Beautiful Things’ tour in January 2012, Green said that he has a handful of song ideas written on guitar and also that he has been using Nano Studio on his iPad to demo songs and beats.

In May 2013, Anthony began recording his third solo album at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA. Will Yip is producing and Good Old War joined him as his backing band. On June 19, 2013, Anthony revealed that it was the last day of recording at Studio 4. According to an Instragram pic posted by Colin Frangicetto, Young Legs contains six songs and is to be released in 2013.

The day before his last tracking session for the album, he was interviewed by AltPress. During the interview, Green said, "Pretty much all of the songs on this record are centered around the piano and the vocals. I never really listened to piano music before until about a year ago. I started to become really interested in the sound of the piano. I was on tour with the the Dear Hunter in Buffalo, New York, and there was a little upright piano backstage. Casey [Crescenzo] and I just started to jam to some weird chords he was making up on the spot. I was riffing off what he was doing, and we started singing and writing right there. It sounded so good. Right then, I started thinking that I wanted this record to have that feeling. I think from that realization onward, I started to come up with more of a vision. I wanted the album to be more classical instrument-based, rather than big, distorted guitars and super-trippy delay. I wanted to use violins and violas and piano and lots of percussion. … I was sort of over the whole “big drums and giant guitars and screamy vocals” rock thing. You can still be as powerful and moving, if not more. The sound of, like, a timpani and violin playing something degenerative and creepy, with a passionate vocal part can be just as archaic and visceral as any typical rock band atmosphere. I’ve been doing that for a while, and I love it, but I just felt like going further toward the spectrum of musicality and really trying to tap into those powerful moments without the same old tricks."

During the AltPress interview he also devulged plans to release the album shortly after Circa Survive completes the UpRoar Festival Tour in Fall 2013 and hopes to tour either the UK, Europe or Australia as a solo act.


As Anthony Green
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