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Allen Adler : biography

December 25, 1916 – January 30, 1964

Allen Adler (December 25, 1916 – January 30, 1964) was an American writer, also involved in theater in various ways. With Irving Block he wrote the story for the screenplay for Forbidden Planet, based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, but was a victim of the Second Red Scare and was blacklisted from the film industry.


Adler was the son of Abe Adler (a stage manager) who, in turn, was the son of Yiddish theater star Jacob Adler by his first wife Sonya ("Sophia") Adler.

In addition to Forbidden Planet, Adler has a story credit for the film The Giant Behemoth (1959).

The New York Times of February 1, 1964 includes Adler’s obituary, giving the date of his death as January 30, 1964. It says he was born in New York, the son of Adolf Adler, Yiddish theater manager and owner. He was survived by his widow, the former Mary MacNamara and two daughters, Pamela and Allison Jo.


  • Mach 1: A Story of Planet Ionus (1957)