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January 19, 1806 – January 21, 1865

Alecu (or Alexandru) Donici (January 19, 1806 near Donici, Orhei – January 21, 1865, Iași) was a Moldavian-born Romanian poet and translator.


He was the first of four children of Dimitrie Donici and wife Ileana Lambrino. He studied at the Saint Petersburg Military Academy, and became a junior lieutenant in the Russian army. He was of boyar origin. Aleksandr Pushkin lived in the Donici family house during his exile in 1820-1823. After 1828, Donici assumed the duties of a civil servant in Chişinău, but later on he chose to resign and in 1835 settled in Iași, where most of his literary career unfolded. His chief work, a two-volume book of fables titled Fabule ("Fables"), was published in Iaşi in 1840; it shows the strong influence of Ivan Krylov.

He translated the works of Aleksandr Pushkin and Antioch Kantemir.


Image:Aleea Clasicilor Donici.jpg|Alley of Classics, Chişinău Image:Олександру Донич.jpg|Alecu Donici on a Moldovan coin

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