You can’t refuse to a classic. Giacomo Puccini


You can’t refuse to a classic. Giacomo Puccini

A great Italian composer Giacomo Puccini once happened to become hostage of his own generosity. One time Puccini invited a young composer to dinner. The young man liked his company and he started visiting him every day without getting any invitations. It was Giacomo’s sense of politeness that couldn’t allow him to turn the insolent fellow out of the dinner table. Besides, the fellow had an extremely glib excuse.

Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria Puccini came down to history not only as a man with a fantastically long name, but also as a great Italian opera composer. His was so talented that he even had no need to resort to innovations – he earned his glorious fame only due to musical devices that had already existed long before his birth. Some might claim Puccini to be an old-fashioned person, some might even suspect him to be ungifted, but you just can’t imagine modern opera without his valuable contribution.

One time Puccini, a man with a big heart and sincere altruism got to know that a young unknown composer was arriving in town. He instantly had a desire to help this young fellow who hadn’t stood up on his feet yet. The great maestro headed to the hotel, ready to have a fruitful discussion with the future talent. But as it turned out, there was nobody in the room and that was why Puccini had to leave a note on his door. It was an invitation which said ‘Dear sir Composer, I’ll be happy to have you at the dinner tonight’.

Naturally, the young man didn’t miss the opportunity to have a nice thorough meal, especially in the company with a talented moustached man. The dinner went in a friendly atmosphere, the young man made acquaintance with Giacomo and they seemed to get along really well.

Apparently, the young man took an instant liking towards Puccini (or maybe it was a generous dinner which won his heart) since he came to visit the composer the next day. Naturally the host was surprised, but his courtness didn’t let him even to give a hint to the young man that he was acting inappropriate. Still the tactless guest continued his daily visits. A whole week passed, not a day without his presence at the table. Finally Puccini’s supply of courtesy exhausted and there was nothing left to do but give a broad hint to the uninvited guest. He told him significantly ‘Your regular visits, my dear, are extremely pleasant for me but still I can’t but wonder how you let yourself come here without any invitations from me.’ ‘Oh, maestro, I’m so grateful to you!’ cheerfully and solemnly exclaimed the young man. ‘I don’t understand you. Please, explain to me everything! Why are you grateful to me?’ replied maestro striving to conceal the growing annoyance. ‘Every day, as I come back from you to my hotel, I see an invitation on the door, an invitation written by your noble hand. I can’t erase it because I keep it as a precious autograph. Neither can I ignore your invitation- how could I possibly ignore the invitation to dinner from such a famous great composer? It’s like a law for a poor musician so I just have to come here to visit you over and over!’