Veterinarian inseminator


Veterinarian inseminator

Profession of veterinarian-inseminator is not very rare, but yet specific and interesting. In turns out that bulls are very sensitive and tender animals. Any bull needs certain intimate atmosphere to get ready for insemination. In addition to that, every animal needs individual approach, one wants to be left alone not to be confused and other likes to people to scratch his nose or stoke his stomach. There were rumors about a bull-exhibitionist, who bluntly refused to make his deal until all the workers of the shift stood around and sang a song.

The aim of a veterinarian inseminator is to help bulls in their difficult mission of inseminating. Veterinarians control the process. The job is not easy and even difficult, as bulls-leaders are usually big and heavy. In an outburst of passion a bull can accidently push a hum or hurt him in any other way. The good thing is that they had no horns: new-born bulls who are chosen to be inseminators are sent to cauterize their small horns. Other animals are used for meat.


Only few bulls inseminate a real cow. As specialists think, it is more effective to use artificial fertilization. They use a special dummy to prepare a bull for insemination. Veterinarians say that during the process of natural fertilization a lot of material is used for no purpose. However, artificial “taking”, as specialists call it, can be made two or three times a week, while in the natural way a bull can inseminate a few cows per day. Such kind of regime is bad for his health which leads to short life period of the bull and gives progeny during only three or four years. After that a bull is sent to a slaughter-house.