To become great! Honore de Balzac.


To become great! Honore de Balzac.

When the great writer Honore de Balzac was twenty years old, he was far from being a famous writer, instead of that he worked as a lawyer-beginner, but he was full of ambitions natural for that age. He was not famous at that period, moreover he didn’t even think about that. The only thing he thought he needed to rise in people’s eyes was to find a lover. But how could he find her?

Honore was by no means a foolish young man that was why he realized clearly that it would be difficult for him to find a flame. He had never been good at flirting, he danced awfully, and to make things still worse, he felt he was a complete provincial. It was no use saying about his appearance! His legs were short, he was not tall and his face was covered with youthful spots.. As his elder sister mentioned, Honore had beautiful golden eyes, but who might believe sister’s words?.. So, Honore’s problem seemed to be unsolvable. But his willing to have a lover was just insuperable!

Well, one day, as he was slowly walking to the Justice palace, where he worked in one bureau, Honore de Balzac saw a pretty seamstress. She had bright curls, coming out her cap, cheerful eyes and charming step – everything that was needed! As Balzac was struggling with himself meaning to come up and talk to her, the girl suddenly stopped and smiled to him, and then entered one of the houses in the street. Balzac was stuck at the house waiting and feverishly thinking of what to say when he met her. He might say that he was incredibly beautiful, but it would seem to vulgar and banal.. He could tell her his name and then ask for her name but that was impolite.. So, he could probably say that he had seen her before. That was a good idea!

But when the girl came out of the house and passed him rustling with her skirts, Balzac realized he absolutely forgot the prepared phrase. The pretty seamstress looked at Honore slyly and made her way to The New Bridge, turning back from time to time. Balzac had to go in the opposite direction, but he, naturally, followed the girl. He totally forgot about his clients and office, but finally managed to come up with the girl and talk to her.

– Mademoiselle!..

– Yes, mister?

– You’re so pretty.. Mu name is Honore, and I..

– And you, mister, are so foolish and pimply young man that it’s repulsive to walk together with you!

The girl laughed aloud with ran away, and Balzac was standing at his place, hardly suppressing crying.

In the evening he locked himself in his room with books and started to read juridical books, having made up his mind that he should become a great lawyer. Or probably a great writer, it didn’t matter! The main thing to do was to become great, so that he could attract women not with appearance and manners but with something else..