Thousands donkeys at the height of 360 million feet.


Thousands donkeys at the height of 360 million feet.

In the nineteenth century, while publishing a book of one of the most famous French geographer scientists, Conrad Malte-Brun, the type-setter added an additional zero to the height of a mountain, of course by mistake. So, the height of the mountain increased from 36 thousand feet to fantastic 360 thousands. Naturally, the geographer noticed the crying contradictory to the facts mistake while reading the corrected version of the book. Conrad Malte-Brun called the typesetter immediately and asked him to the correct the mistype.

Who knows, probably the typesetter was a little hard-of-hearing or he just didn’t know a thing about mountains, at least about mountains average heights: but the fact was that the typesetter added one more zero after the scientist’s call. It was no use saying that the correction made the geographer really furious. When reading the corrected copy, Malte-Brun found out the mistake again and vented his anger writing at marginal side: “Thirty six million asses! I wrote about thirty six thousand feet!!!”.

The result of his comment in the corrected copy was the published book containing such a sentence:

“There is the highest known plateau at the height of 36 million feet, where lives 36 thousand donkeys”..