Probably lucky… Henry Poincare


Probably lucky… Henry Poincare

Henry Poincare, a famous French mathematician, being a child, had absolutely no interest in the profession that made him famous; he gave much more attention to history. However, it was not the great events of old times or victorious battles which drew the boy’s attention – Poincare studied the historical regularity of changing the forms of ruling, the role of capital in economics and functioning of different kinds of governments.

The interest was so intense that the boy came to creating an original model of government in his parents’ estate. He established three sovereign areas and became the head of one of them. The two other areas were given to his sister Aline and cousin Lucien. Everything in the government was ruled according to the constitution. Anyway, Henry seized the positions of the Minister of Finance, Trade and Farming at once. His partners were indignant with such an act:

  • Why have you taken the entire ministry in our state?
  • But what’s wrong? – Henry wondered. – you, Aline, will be the Minister of Education and Forest Land. And you, Lucien, will head the parliament and the Ministry of Resources.

In the beginning it seemed that everyone was pleased, in addition to that the game of government appeared to be very interesting. They even established their own currency; shiny seeds of the bushes were used as money. However, in a while the partners noticed that all the money moved to the Minister of Finance, as well as the main part of the territory. All that was made fully based on the legislative system, which was slowly but steadily changing. After one conference Aline and Lucien laid their claims to Henry.:

  • You grabbed all the power and money! We have almost nothing left and our ministries are so useless, they are to be closed.
  • There’s nothing to be done! – answered the minister carelessly. – This is the reality of economics.
  • Aha! – claimed Aline. – You robbed us according to your secret plan, this is what truly happened. This doesn’t look like a federation, this is just dictatorship!
  • Plans are secret only for those who have no idea of government organization! – cried Henry. – Don’t bother if you don’t understand a thing!

The crisis in the government grew into a scandal in the family life. Henry was reproved by his mother and took offense. After that he abandoned politics and switched to philology and then to mathematics.

It should be mentioned that Lucien Poincare was interested in physics at that period of time. Afterwards became an outstanding scientist, later Lucien took the position of the director of the University of Paris. As for Henry Poincare, his mathematical talent, as we all know, let him make research in different spheres of the exact science. Who knows, probably the whole Europe was lucky that Henry Poincare switched his talent from politics to the absolutely different field…