Nikolas Cage’s houses


Nikolas Cage’s houses

Actor Nikolas Cage is famous for his passion to real estate. It seems that his fond of collecting houses and mansions as much as some people like to collect post stamps and teddy bears. Unfortunately, financial difficulties didn’t let the actor support such a rich collection that was why he had to pledge houses. Once he even lost the right to buyout – that was how he lost the luxurious mansion at the coast of Rhode Island and house Bel-Air in a prestigious district of los-Angeles. Bel-Air was an attractive cottage of the cost of ten million dollars, previously it belonged to Dean Martine and Tom Jones, it was considered to be one of the best actor’s purchases. Neidstein was an old castle and Nikolas Cage’s pride, which he had to sell in 2008. In 2009 he also put up for auction two splendid mansions in New Orleans, the both found their new owners pretty fast.


The house of Nikolas Cage is a subject of constant discussion media, rumors and hearsay. It is not easy to say what is still left for the actor’s personal property, but it always becomes announced when the actor is losing one more house. Not long ago it was discussed in press that Nikolas Cage sold the most original and amazing house, Laurelie House.


The family lived there in the beginning of the nineteenth century and they were famous as cruel slave owners. Later, many of the owners of the house informed that there were ghosts in there, which was the reason the estate had an additional name “House of Ghosts”. Cage had to sell together with a few other houses for the cost of five million dollars. Although, the actor mentioned that he never spent a night in the house, he just came with the family to dine there for a couple of times.