Money washer-man


Money washer-man

Rob Haulsen is, probably, the only coin washer-man on earth. At least, in the United States such kind of position is offered in only one place, The Westin St. Francis hotel located in San-Francisco. This is an old classic hotel, which was built in the beginning of the twentieth century. The famous tradition of washing money in Westin St. Francis has been maintained for almost one hundred years. The position was firstly established in thirties of the previous century, when they started to organize fashion shows in the hotel every Monday in the mirror hall. Woman of fashion in elegant suits and satin gloves came to the hotel from all over the city in order to be informed in designer novelties. The only thing that disappointed them was the fact, the coins they took in the hotel bar to use the telephone were dirty and stained the snow-white tissues of their gloves with black traces. The manager was aware of that fact and established a new position additional to the list of staff. The position was – coin washer-man. Since that every coin in the hotel was to be carefully washed and cleaned till it became shiny like mirror, only after that it could be placed on the counter.


As time passed there were less and less coins for the washer-man to clean in The Westin St. Francis. Telephone boxes were replaced with mobile phones while ringing coins were replaced with banknotes and credit cards. However, the tradition of the hotel is still maintained and Rob Haulsen cleanses coins every day, just the same as his forebears years before. As the only money washer in the whole world says, during the period of his working in the hotel, he has cleaned approximately one million and a half dollars. Rob’s usual working day lasts for six hours. Mostly he washes twenty five cent coins, thereby in count about five thousand dollars per week. Rob Haulsen says that the coins are washed with an old method – with hot water and pharmaceutical boric soap since 1894, they also use a polishing machine from 1934.

Answering the question why he keeps maintaining the traditions and does unclaimed job, Rob says such kind of old traditions remind modern people about careful and elegant manners of old times.