Liu Bolin, the artists who plays hide-and-seek.


Liu Bolin, the artists who plays hide-and-seek.

Chinese sculptor and artist Liu Bolin found himself a really interesting entertainment, which made the officials nervous and tourists interested in searching for the famous Chinese place of interest. Liu disguises himself according to surrounding setting, moreover he does it so real and creatively, that he seems to merge with background completely.

Naturally, it is rather difficult to paint yourself; that is why Liu Bolin has special talented assistances. Preparation for a single scene takes not less than ten hours, but when the scene is done Liu has to stand without moving for a least few hours!

The pictures are done so carefully, that sometimes even passers-by can’t notice the artist, the uncalled guest can be found only on photos. Liu himself says that the thought to play an invisible person came to him after the event when the Chinese officials closed the art-studio which belonged to him and started pursuits against artists who worked there.

In spite of the fact Lu Bolin has serious problems with the officials, his artworks are famous not only among tourists and photographers, but they are also appreciated all over the world. The artist already organized a few individual exhibitions and courses for groups.


Liu graduated from Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Nowadays he lives and works in Beijing, the capital of China.