Killing bridges: the devil’s profitable business


Killing bridges: the devil’s profitable business

In ancient times most of peoples of the world associated bridges with transition to another world or death. Naturally, there are a lot of mystical stories nowadays associated with bridges. However, people can’t do without bridges across rivers, ravines and gulfs, this is the reason they build them at all times.

But even in building bridges people keen on believing in mystical effects. For example, Spanish still believe that the first one, who crosses a new bridge, will surely become the devil’s victim. In agreement with the superstition, vice builders let a goat cross the bridge first. It is not known how many times an animal became the devil’s victim or whether it happened at all, but the trial load demanded pushing to the bridge. For small new-built bridges it was allowed to use a black cat, before the building was finished, they announced a prize for delivering such kind of animal.

Nevertheless, such kind of superstitions has grounds indeed. Besides it utilitarian purpose, high bridges are often used by people who decided to commit suicide. So, the cases of suicide are undoubtedly considered to be the devil’s deal. Believing that, one can conclude that the devil is far from being poor, because some bridges bring him great income.


In 1913 Colorado Street Bridge was opened in Los-Angeles. People said that during building works a workman fell into the water and disappeared – they never found his body. But the most interesting thing could be learnt by the stories of some failed self-murderers. According to what they said, trying to jump off the bridge they saw a ghost in front of them, who wore working clothes and held a torn safety belt. The ghost was distinctively talkative and persuaded the challenger to cross to “the other side of life”, where as he promised was happiness and freedom. It looked like that appearances and persuading pushed people away from killing themselves. However, eye-witnesses of suicidal events at Los-Angeles Bridge contended that as soon as a self-killer climbed over the rails, all the lamps of the bridge changed its usual white color to bright blue.

In 1937 in San-Francisco was finished the building of the new giant bridge called “Golden Gates”. Or course the devil had a great sum thanks to such a colossal building. Just after a few years of using the bridge, they counted that almost nineteen people jumped down it. But there are also other huge bridges in San-Francisco and self-killers don’t neglect them!

Parapsychologists and American Indian shamans immediately announced that “Golden Gates” bridge has distinctive “crimson” aura and would bring a lot of lot of suffering to people.

There is also an interesting bridge in Ohio State, near Elmore city. There is a ghost there whoу story is quite ordinary. Eighty years ago a demobilized soldier came back home to find out that his bride stopped waiting him. Jumping at his bike, the poor man speeded up and, crushing through the barrier, fell into the water together with his iron horse. At the moment he hit the water, his head was torn away. The head was never found. Since that event, every year on the 21nd of March people see the ghost of the soldier approximately one kilometer away from the bridge. Rushing with crazy speed, he reaches the bridge and disappears on the middle.. Local residents are sure that the “headless rider” can be called at any night; you can just drive to bridge, blink headlights and beep three times.


You shouldn’t think that only the bridges of American continent have ill fame. According to the legend of ancients Celts, there is a cursed place in Overturn valley in Western Scotland, the place there the sky meets with the earth. The bridge, located at that place, is undoubtedly called “evil dog killer”. It is commonly considered that unlike humans, animals can’t commit suicide. But the facts say that there are approximately fifty events of dogs suicide registered at the bridge. The animals jumped into the water and sank without fail. Local residents believe that the statistic is false and Dumbarton Bridge takes away not less than seven lives a year. There is also another statistic fact about the bridge; it says that the suicidal dogs are mostly labradors, retrievers and collies. It should also be mentioned that self-killing dogs ump down at the same side of the bridge at sunny days only. There is no logical explaining for the animals’ behavior but people have a legend associated with the bridge. Two hundred years before a child, who was considered to be under demonic possession, was thrown off that bridge. The boy’s dog jumped down the bridge following his owner. The dog failed in saving the child and died. Extrasensory individuals say that the ghost of the sunken dog calls other dogs to help him.

Nobody can explain the likings of different bridges. But killing bridges exist indeed and each of them prefers to transfer to the other world specific kind of victims.